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Month: November 2022

Poverty comes from the devil

Today we are going to be discussing how prosperity is God’s desire for our life not poverty.

Spirituality and Money

My mother was a very pious woman but she had very limiting beliefs about money, she blamed money for most things and did not trust money at all. She always believed that everything in life comes from God and the only way one would be able to make large amounts of money would be through dubious means, which was something she and my father had big issues about because he was very wealthy and she was convinced he could not have been making it the right way. She was stuck in a lack and scarcity mindset hence the idea of all that wealth made it seem untrustworthy to her and unfortunately this was a mindset that was passed on to me. I found out later in life that my father’s business was actually quite lucrative and he was just doing the right thing at the right time. He had come into his divine prosperity but my mother did not understand that which was why she kept accusing him of having money through dubious means.

My mother’s ideology taught me that God loves poor people and that poverty is God’s way of testing you which was quite confusing to me growing up. Sadly, as I grew older and did my own research through other religious texts, I realised that this is a similar ideology that has been continuously pushed by various religions. Like my father I have always been goal oriented and had a progressive mindset, my mother on the other hand was very meticulous and calculating. She worked hard and prayed that God would give her enough wealth for her basic needs, no more; and if perchance she did get more than her needs required she always found a way to give that extra away. Even when she passed she made sure that her bank account had the exact amount of money we would need for all her funeral expenses because she did not want her children to have to support her financially in that regard.

From this experience with my mum as well as my interactions with other pious people, I have come to realise the more spiritual a person is, the less they feel the need to have money so they look for ways to limit their needs and push money away from their lives. I have worked with a lot of spiritual leaders and although most of them want to be prosperous in life, they seem to share my mother’s mindset as well; I inherited this unfortunate way of thinking which was why I became pious and religious just like my mother was when she passed away. So although I was trying to manifest an ambitious and wealthy life for myself, I struggled because I had such a limited mindset about money.

God does not hate the rich

God does not want you to be poor. We have somehow been told again and again that poverty comes from God and that any form of poverty that you are experiencing is part of life’s test for you. I believe that is completely false.
Life is a gift and should be treated as such; the trials and celebrations that you go through are just there to help you reach your full potential. The devil continuously places all sorts of challenges on the path of our life’s journey but the only reason God allows us to go through these things is so we can grow and be pushed to our limits till we skyrocket into our next level. Someone once said to me that any illness and poverty you are experiencing did not come from God but always comes to you from the enemy. In both Christianity and Islam, the devil who is our enemy has clearly stated that his main goal is to misguide God’s people and make them ungrateful for the life they have been given and his response to the devil was that those who were true believers will not be found ungrateful.

Why are you having more challenges the more spiritual you are?

Firstly, we believe that we deserve to be undergoing these challenging times because we do not want to be wealthy and this way of thinking unfortunately is ancestral programming that has been ingrained in our minds since birth.
Secondly, these challenges are given to us because we are being tested, not by God but by the devil who wants to see us complain and be miserable with our lives. Because most people do not understand this they are actively bending to these tests, their first reaction being to complain and feel sorry for themselves and this is how they end up failing the test before them.

God’s will is not for you to have challenges however everything that happens to you happens with God’s permission. Divine energy can see how the challenge you are facing is going to help move you toward your full potential and it allows you to face these challenges to unlock these hidden gifts within you that you would not have been able to see while you are comfortable and content with your current life. I have had to deal with many painful, hurtful issues and challenges in life but each of these circumstances has helped me grow and become who I am today. I know they were brought into my life with the permission of God, not as a punishment or an attack from divine energy but because they love you and they want you to do well and grow as a person.

Overcoming your challenges

God knows that you need to be challenged in order to leave your comfort zone and move to greater levels in life which is why divine energy allows you to be challenged by your enemy, the devil. God loves you and would never want you to go through pain however they want to see you push through them and provide support when you need it and as long as you continue to put your faith in a higher entity they will surely believe in you and bring you out of the challenge you are facing. You will only achieve your goal by having faith in divine energy and choosing to overcome these challenges and tests before you instead of letting them fill you with negative energy.

All the gifts you currently have in life, all the successes you have achieved and generally, every good thing that has come your way has done so due to one challenge or the other that you overcame in order to develop your character and reap your success. And the more faith and belief you have that divine energy will help you overcome your challenges, the more likely it is you will achieve your goals and come out victorious.

Stay strong in faith

The devil’s main aim is to provide challenges for you to fail and if you allow yourself to be weak in faith during this period, the devil will whisper all sorts of lies into your ear to dissuade you from the life you have manifested for yourself. You are a strong spiritual being and the only way the devil and negative energy can influence your life is through your mind; God gave us all free will under our own control while they control everything else that happens in your physical space.

The devil throws all sorts of trouble your way just so you can doubt divine energy and the support they continuously give you. He wants you to believe all these lies he is telling you and become ungrateful for everything divine energy has done for you so far; but if God will come through for you in one area of your life why would they be praised in another area? Divine energy is good at all times and any test you have to face, no matter how big, happens with the permission of God. It is your responsibility to deal with whatever trials the devil throws your way and hold on to faith that divine energy would always make a way for you.

In Islam, people say that whether you have money or not you will be tested in life; money only brings out the character that is already inside you so no matter the amount of wealth you have if you are listening to the devil you will never understand the concept of having faith and you could do certain things which could end up destroying you.


Hold on to your faith and your dreams. Remember that if you are going through a challenge it was orchestrated by the devil, not by God, but God has given permission for that challenge to happen so that you can have faith and overcome the problems you are facing. And no matter how long this might take, as long as you consistently hold on to faith in divine energy and the plans that they have for you, you will be able to overcome whatever challenge the devil would have for you. Be patient and trust the process, things will unfold in their own time.

No matter what you believe in you need to understand that there is a higher entity out there that loves and supports you and similarly there is a dark, evil entity whose aim is to watch you fail in life and every time you have a challenge, the devil is expecting you to lose faith and be ungrateful to divine energy but you must choose to be patient and hold firmly unto faith instead. Having money does not make you bad, do not let the devil trick you into wanting a life of poverty! God does not want you to be poor and they will not love you more if you are poor contrary to what we have been made to believe. Divine energy wants us to be prosperous in all areas of our life and it is your responsibility to achieve this prosperity for yourself. Take action and believe that God wants good to happen to you!

A Poor mouth = A Poor life

Today we are going to be analyzing how having a poor mouth can lead to you having a poor life.

Speaking about lack

One of my mentors said to me once that a poor mouth ultimately leads to a poor life and I could not agree more; He explained that if you are someone who continuously talks about and dwells in the space of lack or scarcity in your life and in the lives of others then eventually you will realise that you end up manifesting this lack and scarcity for yourself. I find this so true because even as most people encourage being in alignment with what you want and being on a positive vibration, they end up forcing themselves to be artificially positive rather than address the core issues and reasons you currently do not have what you want. This is why even though outwardly you are saying ‘I love money, money loves me’ sometimes, other times you are saying internally ‘I hate money, I do not like money’, unconsciously you already have a lack and scarcity mindset. Hence, if your words and your normal conversations are centred around lack, then lack is what is going to be created in your current life.

Breaking free from negative programming

Every thought you have has its own vibration. These thoughts end up becoming words which become feelings which become actions and so on and each of these has its own separate vibration attached to it. Therefore it is your responsibility to stop your words the moment a negative thought runs through your mind and you are consciously aware of it. Most of us have been negatively programmed to view money in a certain way, whether it was from the environment we grew up in or from the way we have been raised to view wealthy people and money as a whole and this negative programming is what gives people the assumption that you have to work hard, get a job, you have to do this, you have to do that, in order for you to create money. So breaking free from this thought process requires you to become consciously aware of these negatives before you verbalise them and then break free from them before you can allow them to take root in your mind and become your reality; you keep your body and mind alert and repeat your intention and belief statements to yourself, declare positivity into your life with your own mouth and reverse these thoughts before they become words because usually, we find ourselves making these negative money thoughts unconsciously and letting them lead how we dwell in our wealth.

We recently had a launch for my Mastermind class and I usually extend invitations to people whose energies I believe are suited to this class. Sometimes I notice that there are people who are supposed to be a part of the Mastermind but are not and I soon discovered that it was usually the people who could afford the class that used negative language regarding it ‘I can’t afford it now’ ‘I don’t know how to do it now’ ‘I will do it later’ ‘I want to work with you but I want to have some money first’ and the truth is, the idea of creating your wealth requires that leap of faith to take action before you can realise the wealth and prosperity you desire in all the aspects of your life. From the outside looking in, it is obvious that the reason a lot of people are not reaching their true wealth is that they are continuously confessing negativity into their atmosphere and even though they listen to positive podcasts and read positive books, they are only doing the superficial work. You are not going deep into yourself to find out the root cause of these feelings and handle them the right way to truly manifest positive vibrations.

Keeping your thoughts and your mouth rich

Your life at the moment is a result of the various thoughts, ideas, and vibrations you gave out a few days, weeks, or months ago. The same way the reflection of the moon we see today is not actually what the moon looks like right now is the same way what is showing up for you in the physical world right now is a reflection of the thoughts and actions you made in your past. And unfortunately, what people fail to understand is that the trauma and delays of these past events have a direct impact on the amount of time it takes for you to have a thought on a subject and for it to send a vibration into the physical world. For example, if you have had a lot of money or finance-related trauma in the past, you will likely have a longer delay in your finances in the present. If you do not begin to align yourself with the reality you want and instead choose to only pay attention to the physical evidence of your past vibration then you will begin to believe that the manifestations you have made are not possible, nothing is working for you and that the universe is not supporting you. You begin to have a scarcity mindset and you start to use poor words to speak against yourself and against the vibrations for your future.

If your mouth is poor and you are using words that are keeping you in lack and scarcity, then your life will be full of lack and scarcity. This is where a lot of people end up getting stuck in their manifestation journeys; they attend a workshop, make plans to create new realities for themselves, spend the next few days making manifestations and sending signals into the universe, and then the moment the vibrations from the past due to their actions from a few days or months ago begin to actualize themselves in the physical world they begin to allow doubt and negative thoughts to creep in and cause negative vibrations for their future. To successfully reach these new realities of wealth that you have manifested for yourself, you need to be patient and have a rich mouth no matter what you are seeing externally in the physical world because what you are currently seeing are the thoughts and vibrations of your past and the thoughts and vibrations you make now whether positive or negative will be what affects your future tomorrow.


While we are in this physical world, we have been given all the tools to create the life of our dreams but to do this we have been instructed to be patient and to trust in the timing of divine energy. Unfortunately, most of us are impatient in this human form and we have trouble accepting that there is a delay between making your manifestation, aligning with what you want, and then seeing this want manifest externally in the physical world. This delay, however, is important because it allows you to reassess and make sure that you do want what you think you want as well as allows you to realign with that new reality you are manifesting. Sometimes we need this time to control our emotions and forgive people so we do not end up making future vibrations with angry thoughts and words.
The thoughts, feelings, and words you are making at the moment will become your reality in the next few days, weeks and months so remember to always think and speak positively into your atmosphere, no matter what you are seeing externally and you will meet positive desires. Watch and control the thoughts you have and the words you speak because these eventually become truths for you in the future.

Value yourself first before you become wealthy

Today we are going to be discussing why you need to value yourself first before you start to see your wealth.
During a recent session with my mastermind, we discussed the financial trauma of our pasts and how important it is for us to forgive ourselves for them and allow ourselves to move forward from said trauma. It was during this session that I realised how much pain and anger we as individuals hold against ourselves and how we set unrealistic standards for ourselves then get upset at ourselves for not meeting these standards.

Do you value yourself?

Generally, most of us do not see any reason to place value on ourselves and this is a terrible mentality to have when you are aiming to be wealthy. We never appreciate who we are and the unfortunate thing about this is if you do not have any value for yourself as a person then there will always be something missing in your life. No matter how much money you have, how many awards you receive, how many successful businesses you own, or whether you have a thriving family life, if you do not allow yourself to appreciate where you are now and what you are accomplishing then you will never truly be wealthy.

What is wealth?

Wealth is not determined by the amount of money you have in your bank account. Of course, I believe money should be one of your best friends; I am not going to be metaphysical and say ‘happiness is your wealth’ because having money is important, but truthfully there are many people who have a lot of wealth in their bank accounts and yet are still poor. To be truly wealthy, you have to have abundance in all areas of your life – your relationships, your health, your happiness, your mental health and of course your bank accounts. The true extent of your wealth does not stop at just making money so you cannot let money be your only focus in life; you cannot allow amassing money to be the source of your happiness. This realisation that there is more to wealth is what has allowed me to recognize the importance of appreciating who you are no matter the phase you are going through in your life.

You are valuable

During one of my workshops, I spoke on the difference between self-esteem and self-worth and I believe that self-esteem is something you continuously work on and strive to achieve while self-worth is independent of all your achievements, you need to make a conscious effort to accept that you are valuable just the way you are, no matter where you are in life. A pastor I listened to once explained that no matter what you have done or how much of a sinner you believe you are, God does not see you that way. Divine energy does not look down on you because you have sinned nor does Universal energy look down on you because you believe you have not lived up to your own expectations, no matter what the situation may be they are always supporting you and will always be there to guide you on the right path. Someone once told me that the universe is always trying to lead the right way no matter the wrong paths you have taken in the past, just like our satellite navigation system for example and how, when you take a wrong turn, she is always ready to readjust her directions and guide you back on your right path without looking down on you and criticising you for your mistake.
Similarly, Universal energy does not condemn you for the mistakes or wrong turns you have made in life and is always ready to put you back on the right track. There is nothing you can achieve that will make God or Universal energy love you more and there is nothing you can do that will make them hate you or dislike you either however that does not change karmic debt and the laws of sowing and reaping so if you are committing crimes or if you are attracting low vibrational energy then what you give is what you get back in return, that is universal and is the consequence of your own actions, not God punishing you.
As a child, my mother used to say that God loves us more than seventy mothers meaning God loves you seventy times more than your mother who already loves you more than anyone else in the world. This confused me because I remember thinking ‘If God loves me why does He punish me when I make a mistake? Why would God not forgive me when my mother can forgive me when I do something wrong?’ but now I have come to understand that there is a cause and effect for everything. God is not punishing you for doing wrong; rather, according to universal law, your actions and wrongdoings from the past are what come back and cause problems for you in the future. So in truth, you are punishing yourself later with your wrongdoings now.

Appreciate who you are

As human beings, criticising ourselves always comes so easily to us. Sometimes, even when we are doing things right we find reasons to look at the things we could have done better and criticise ourselves for them. You realise that you are constantly holding yourself to these ridiculously high expectations; asking yourself why you did not give a better presentation, whether you could have controlled your temper more, if you made all the right statements or wishing you were a better parent to your kids and this constant search for imperfections only makes you look down on yourself and see yourself negatively. Self-improvement is good, you should constantly strive to improve yourself and to remain in happiness and joy, not anger and frustration but you must also accept that you are a work in progress; if you were meant to be perfect, God would have made you that way.
We all have our individuality and our various quirks, our good, our bad, and our ugly’s but all these things are part of what makes us who we are now. The problem with the majority of us is we constantly look for our imperfections and shortcomings when really we need to accept that we are having a physical experience in a physical body and therefore will always have one shortcoming or the other. We are always going to make mistakes but what is most important is that we learn from these mistakes and not have unrealistic expectations of who we need to be or where we should be heading because these kinds of expectations are what hold us back from adequately loving ourselves and properly appreciating who we are as individuals.
This morning I woke up and I felt like I looked beautiful. My abusive ex-husband was a textbook narcissist and being married to him was the worst seven years of my life so it took me a long time to get where I am today but this morning, I looked in the mirror and told myself that I was beautiful and that I was gorgeous. And these were not affirmations, this was me appreciating my physical body for where she is now. Of course there are still things I would like to achieve, I still want to be a smaller size and I would still like to be healthier but overall I appreciated myself and I gave her all the love and compassion that I hardly ever showed her in the past. I found that I was always looking at my body when I was uncomfortable and it was in these uncomfortable moments that I focused on the negatives and found one imperfection or another with myself but now, especially recently, I tell myself how beautiful I am and I allow myself focus on the positive parts and the things I love about my physical body. I appreciate things about myself that I genuinely and truthfully love and refuse to let these negative imperfections make me feel less than who I am. I will always strive to improve and be a better version of myself but that does not change the fact that I am perfect just the way I am. There are so many things we can improve on in life and these things are ongoing but when you look in the mirror I want you to see yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and be proud of who you are, no matter your emotional scars. When I look in the mirror I allow myself to see this strong independent woman and I love her and where she is now no matter what I have been through or the emotional scars that I have, I am extremely proud of myself and that’s how you need to be with yourself as well.
Nobody knows your story and no one knows what you have been through to get to this point except you so it is your responsibility to be your own best friend. The only relationship you know is going to be with you forever is the one you have with yourself; when we die, our physical bodies will remain in this dimension and only our spirits will cross over to the next one so you need to stop being so hard on yourself and criticising yourself. You need to stop beating your body up and instead, look at yourself in the mirror and show your body more love and gratitude.


Appreciate yourself for getting up every time you fell and for all the hardships you have overcome to get to where you are now and once you start recognizing that you are a miracle and you begin to recognize your higher self constantly telling you how amazing you are, you are going to see your life transform and you are going to start to appreciate yourself for the things you are currently taking for granted. You are amazing and you deserve all the miracles, abundance, and happiness heading your way and if you do not allow yourself to feel like you deserve everything that the universe has to offer then you will self-sabotage, in one form of your wealth or the other. Strive to be a better person than you were yesterday, to help more people today than you did yesterday, to control your emotions better than you did yesterday, and as always, continue to improve yourself daily. Build a better relationship with yourself and watch how having a healthy, happy relationship with yourself would raise your vibration and steer abundance and wealth in your direction.

Why Faith in the middle is important for wealth

Today we are going to be discussing the right way to have faith in order to create your wealth and having faith in your manifestations; whether it is in manifesting a partner, a business, a house, a better income, or whatever it is that you want for yourself. A pastor I listened to once taught me something that really touched my heart, his sermon explained that there are two points in time in every manifestation journey, no matter the context you put it in, when having faith comes easiest to you – faith at the beginning of your journey and faith at the end of your journey.

Faith at the beginning of your journey

When you are just starting your project or you are just realising your manifestation and you believe that the things you want for yourself are going to happen for you, that is a point when your faith is at its highest. It is when your dreams start becoming so real to you; you can see them, feel them, and touch them. This point is when you start seeing the possibility of all your plans and ideas coming to life before your eyes. At this point in your journey, your faith is at its maximum and you believe you can do anything. After all, why start the manifestation journey if you don’t believe it can happen for you?

Faith at the end of your journey

It is equally easy for your faith to be at its highest when your manifestation is finally coming to life. At this point, all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and you are beginning to see the clear image of the result of your goal. Most times, we even become thankful when we are nearing the end and start to show our gratitude for reaching the desired goal.

Why do you need to have faith in the middle of your journey?

In the middle of your manifestation journey, for example that online business that you are building with the hope of turning it into a six-figure earner in three years, the initial enthusiasm you had towards your new project starts to wear off and you are faced with the actuality of your manifestation. You begin to strategize and make proper plans to fulfill this desire; hire the right people, create the right ad accounts, learn how to post better on your social media and everything seems like it is ready to go. Unfortunately, life does not come without its challenges. Suddenly the ads you set up aren’t working, your Ad account got banned, your copywriter quit on you unexpectedly or a family member passed or something else happened that is no fault of yours and you are now faced with these external problems that you could never have prepared for. Your business just isn’t taking off the way you planned for it to. And now you realise that making a business online is more than just throwing some adverts together and making a plan, it takes understanding, different forms of strategizing, determination, and most importantly, faith.
This point in your journey is when everything begins to look impossible to you and you find yourself thinking ‘Oh my God, what do I even do now?’. And the thing about this teaching was that I realised it could be applied to any project, manifestation, or goal that you have in your life whether it is a business, a house, creating your wealth, relationships, or whatever the situation may be. When you realise you can make a manifestation into your life, there is always that faith in it that it would come to pass and the moment you are beginning to see the result of this manifestation, that faith in it returns but it is in the middle of the manifestation when your faith needs to be at its maximum that we come up short. And the reality is that sometimes things just will not go your way. Sometimes things don’t work out and there are setbacks, failures, all sorts of turmoil and as a person you have to learn to have faith in the divine energy even though physically you cannot see anything happening.
A religious example he gave, which I am going to use as well because we have similar examples in Islam, is the story of Joseph who as a teenager had a vision that he would become ruler of Egypt and shared this dream with his father. At the beginning of this manifestation, he was enthusiastic and believed in the visions and dreams he had. But how did he end up actualizing this manifestation and becoming the ruler of Egypt? He was thrown into a well by his brothers, sold into slavery, served a master for several years, seduced by his master’s wife, and then thrown into prison for several more years even though he had committed no crime; his middle was full of so many struggles and in the eyes of others, his dream was impossible. But even though nothing seemed to be going his way, Joseph kept his faith and trusted the process, knowing that God had given him that manifestation and that the universe had his back. Things were going to work out eventually. So he persevered and in the end, he was rewarded for his faith and submitting to divine energy.

Why is the middle of your journey so important?

When I look through my life and the lives of people around me, I realise that the middle of the journey is a point a lot of us seem to miss in our manifestation journey. This is the period when you have to hold on to your faith the most because it is when you have to believe that what you have manifested for your life will come to pass as long as you trust the process. Aside from submitting to divine energies and having faith in your manifestations, your middle part is the point of growth in your journey. It is the part of your journey when you grow into the type of person who can handle the manifestation you have in mind for yourself. If you are manifesting your ideal partner, the easiest parts are in the beginning when you have manifested the perfect person and you are excited about what is to come and in the end, when you have finally met the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with but the most difficult and most important part is the middle part when you are growing and developing into the person who is ready for the kind of partner you have manifested. Similarly, when you are building a business, you have to grow to be the kind of person who can handle the kind of business you have envisioned for yourself.
So essentially the middle part of your journey is not just for having faith and trusting the process for your project or your manifestation, it is also important for you to grow into the person who can handle and be in alignment with that partner, business, house or whatever manifestation you have trusted the universe for.


For you to create the life of your dreams, you are going to go through this middle phase when there seems to be no end in sight or light at the end of the tunnel, and everything you have manifested for yourself looks impossible but that is when you need to trust in the divine energy the most. And when things seem like they aren’t working out; you pick yourself up, change your strategy and try again. The times when you should have the greatest doubt are the times when you need to have the greatest faith because that is the difference between you who is making manifestations and other people who just have wishful thinking that never reaches fruition.

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