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Why Faith in the middle is important for wealth

Today we are going to be discussing the right way to have faith in order to create your wealth and having faith in your manifestations; whether it is in manifesting a partner, a business, a house, a better income, or whatever it is that you want for yourself. A pastor I listened to once taught me something that really touched my heart, his sermon explained that there are two points in time in every manifestation journey, no matter the context you put it in, when having faith comes easiest to you – faith at the beginning of your journey and faith at the end of your journey.

Faith at the beginning of your journey

When you are just starting your project or you are just realising your manifestation and you believe that the things you want for yourself are going to happen for you, that is a point when your faith is at its highest. It is when your dreams start becoming so real to you; you can see them, feel them, and touch them. This point is when you start seeing the possibility of all your plans and ideas coming to life before your eyes. At this point in your journey, your faith is at its maximum and you believe you can do anything. After all, why start the manifestation journey if you don’t believe it can happen for you?

Faith at the end of your journey

It is equally easy for your faith to be at its highest when your manifestation is finally coming to life. At this point, all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and you are beginning to see the clear image of the result of your goal. Most times, we even become thankful when we are nearing the end and start to show our gratitude for reaching the desired goal.

Why do you need to have faith in the middle of your journey?

In the middle of your manifestation journey, for example that online business that you are building with the hope of turning it into a six-figure earner in three years, the initial enthusiasm you had towards your new project starts to wear off and you are faced with the actuality of your manifestation. You begin to strategize and make proper plans to fulfill this desire; hire the right people, create the right ad accounts, learn how to post better on your social media and everything seems like it is ready to go. Unfortunately, life does not come without its challenges. Suddenly the ads you set up aren’t working, your Ad account got banned, your copywriter quit on you unexpectedly or a family member passed or something else happened that is no fault of yours and you are now faced with these external problems that you could never have prepared for. Your business just isn’t taking off the way you planned for it to. And now you realise that making a business online is more than just throwing some adverts together and making a plan, it takes understanding, different forms of strategizing, determination, and most importantly, faith.
This point in your journey is when everything begins to look impossible to you and you find yourself thinking ‘Oh my God, what do I even do now?’. And the thing about this teaching was that I realised it could be applied to any project, manifestation, or goal that you have in your life whether it is a business, a house, creating your wealth, relationships, or whatever the situation may be. When you realise you can make a manifestation into your life, there is always that faith in it that it would come to pass and the moment you are beginning to see the result of this manifestation, that faith in it returns but it is in the middle of the manifestation when your faith needs to be at its maximum that we come up short. And the reality is that sometimes things just will not go your way. Sometimes things don’t work out and there are setbacks, failures, all sorts of turmoil and as a person you have to learn to have faith in the divine energy even though physically you cannot see anything happening.
A religious example he gave, which I am going to use as well because we have similar examples in Islam, is the story of Joseph who as a teenager had a vision that he would become ruler of Egypt and shared this dream with his father. At the beginning of this manifestation, he was enthusiastic and believed in the visions and dreams he had. But how did he end up actualizing this manifestation and becoming the ruler of Egypt? He was thrown into a well by his brothers, sold into slavery, served a master for several years, seduced by his master’s wife, and then thrown into prison for several more years even though he had committed no crime; his middle was full of so many struggles and in the eyes of others, his dream was impossible. But even though nothing seemed to be going his way, Joseph kept his faith and trusted the process, knowing that God had given him that manifestation and that the universe had his back. Things were going to work out eventually. So he persevered and in the end, he was rewarded for his faith and submitting to divine energy.

Why is the middle of your journey so important?

When I look through my life and the lives of people around me, I realise that the middle of the journey is a point a lot of us seem to miss in our manifestation journey. This is the period when you have to hold on to your faith the most because it is when you have to believe that what you have manifested for your life will come to pass as long as you trust the process. Aside from submitting to divine energies and having faith in your manifestations, your middle part is the point of growth in your journey. It is the part of your journey when you grow into the type of person who can handle the manifestation you have in mind for yourself. If you are manifesting your ideal partner, the easiest parts are in the beginning when you have manifested the perfect person and you are excited about what is to come and in the end, when you have finally met the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with but the most difficult and most important part is the middle part when you are growing and developing into the person who is ready for the kind of partner you have manifested. Similarly, when you are building a business, you have to grow to be the kind of person who can handle the kind of business you have envisioned for yourself.
So essentially the middle part of your journey is not just for having faith and trusting the process for your project or your manifestation, it is also important for you to grow into the person who can handle and be in alignment with that partner, business, house or whatever manifestation you have trusted the universe for.


For you to create the life of your dreams, you are going to go through this middle phase when there seems to be no end in sight or light at the end of the tunnel, and everything you have manifested for yourself looks impossible but that is when you need to trust in the divine energy the most. And when things seem like they aren’t working out; you pick yourself up, change your strategy and try again. The times when you should have the greatest doubt are the times when you need to have the greatest faith because that is the difference between you who is making manifestations and other people who just have wishful thinking that never reaches fruition.

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