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Clear your money blocks using the 7 Laws of Money Method

Join hundreds of others who have scaled to 6 and 7 figures.

This is a 12-MONTH INTENSIVE GROUP COACHING PROGRAM that will simultaneously remove your money blocks so you can 5X your revenue to over 7 figures in just a year.

Introducing the Millionaire Mindset Mastermind

 Coaches, consultants, and CEOs – do you suffer from any of the following:

  • Inconsistent revenues such as making $20k one month then $0 the next month?
  • Can’t keep hold of the money – you make money then lose it, this happens to a lot of 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs, it has happened to me a few times!
  • Lack of repeat clients – you aren’t re-signing the vast majority of your clients so you have to keep finding new ones which is extremely tiring and frustrating.
  • Goal exhaustion – you are jaded from having tried and failed at your goals many times
  • Lack of growth – your business is plateauing and not growing at the rate you are capable of.
  • What if I never make it and this is all a waste of time – you wonder whether you will be in this struggle trap forever.

Throwing money at coaching programs – you hope buying a new coaching program will fix all your problems and then you realize you already know a lot of what is being taught in the program.

Where is the money going? – you may be making money but it just seems to disappear.

Something missing – you know there is something missing but are not sure what it is – you are doing everything you are supposed to, making the content, working hard and it still isn’t working and you are not sure why.

Why me? – Ever have the thought ‘why can everyone else grow their business and I can’t?’

To make more money I need to work harder – you don’t have much spare capacity to work harder and you wonder how can I make more money?

Worried someone will take my money from me – you are concerned that your money will be taken away by the taxman or someone else.

Reasons this is happening:

  • Energy is trapped in many different places and not flowing properly – Billionaires focus on energy, Millionaires on mindset

  • Your identity is stuck in an old version of yourself with limiting beliefs that cause you to snap back when you make progress

The foundational work of the Mastermind is reprogramming our Earliest Money Paradigm

True money mastery starts with clearing the negative energy from our childhood. When we were children we inherited limiting beliefs from our culture, family and caregivers. These limiting beliefs affect our ability to make money and build vast amounts of wealth.

Once we clear the negative energy from our childhood:


We can make exponentially more money


Money flows to us more easily


We attract better clients and opportunities

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