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Month: August 2022

Keeping your eye on the ball

Why is keeping your eye on the ball important when creating and building your wealth?

Recently I was going through my journal and life goals and I realized that everytime I wasn’t focused on a particular goal, it didn’t happen. Even when I was focusing on my goal and doing other things at the same time, I achieved the goal but not to the level that I wanted and certainly not with the best results, Logically it makes sense because if you are dispersing your energy between multiple tasks, you’re not obviously going to get the kind of result that you want but on the other hand if you had constantly focused on a particular goal, you are going to achieve better results compared to when your energy is dispersed across multiple tasks or multiple goals at same time.

Sometimes, we are in these situations where we can’t help but do that. During the COVID lockdown, we got accustomed to living at home, having kids at home with online schooling and so forth. It didn’t really interfere too much in my oldest child’s schoolworks, she is really brilliant and very fortunate to attend a good school, they provided a good online programmer but my younger one needed extra support especially considering when this COVID hit, he was only eight. Paying attention to the online schooling was a bit challenging for him so I employed a tutor for him but he hasn’t performed as well over the last two years because he is not the kind of child who does well with online tutorials. He’s more of a face-to-face interaction kind of child.

I was looking at certain goals that I had for my personal life and I realized when COVID happened, my business did really well on some parts but not to the level I would have wanted to achieve. I haven’t achieved what I aimed at and even my other businesses, there has been steady growth but it’s been a lot slower than what I had originally set my sights for and the only conclusion was because my energy was dispersed. In 2020, I was mostly concerned with making sure my kids were fine, taken care of and their mental well-being was okay because we were completely isolated and then in 2021 it was all about making sure that they have not fallen far behind and trying to catch up with academics, my son passed which was great, even though it wasn’t to the level that I would have liked, but he still did very well, lt meant that all my focus was on him, his education and his mental well-being. The focus on my business was not as strong or Clear as it should have been and this clearly translated in the results that I have. I’m quite lucky when I work with my clients, I’m very focused so the kind of results that my clients got in this year was phenomenal. We probably got the best results ever but the number of people I was able to serve diminished a lot.

I wasn’t able to take on as many clients as I would have done previously because my energy was not there, my mindset wasn’t there and yes we got a lot of other really amazing milestones with other things such as my book came out and I became an international bestseller so we have done amazingly well. When I looked at the number of people we were able to serve, it was nowhere near what I would have liked. Now it’s not that we did not have enough clients, I wasn’t scaling my business and moving to the level that I envisaged for myself in my goal book but I took a step back and realized while assessing the year, I wasn’t disappointed with it by any shot. My son was phenomenal, My book has done really well and my clients equally did phenomenally well. We had amazing testimonials coming up from left, right, center and that’s what gives me my high, there’s no way I would call 2021 a disappointment. Even as my coaching business and my property business lacked my entire focus, I think what suffered the most was my property business, It really declined and we had one issue after another issue with our property portfolio.

My focus wasn’t there, I didn’t have the time because all my efforts were going into either my son or my coaching business, there was no energy going into my property business or the other things. I had actually stopped all trading because I found trading to be very very draining last year. I stopped trading for a while and I haven’t really gone back because I just didn’t have the energy or the time available to be able to go through the trades, pick winning trades and do that as I was doing regularly before.

So in order for you to become wealthy, you have to be focused on money making activities. This is one of the most important things, my book has been great, it gets me recognition and it’s also great for brand awareness but it’s not really a money making activity. When it comes to my son, that’s obviously not a money making activity but it is priceless so is the time that I spent with him in order for him to become greater and I’m so proud that he has and we’ll find out the final results as soon, but we already have an offer from a school that I really want him to go to.

So I really want to reiterate how important it is to refocus on your goals, take inventory of your lives, especially of your energies, where it’s spent, what activities you’re engaging your minds in. You could be doing meditation, reading or listening to audiobooks. Personal development never stops with me, if I’m in a car, I’m listening to an audiobook. If I’m not listening to an audiobook then I’m doing visualization or talking to someone. Have uplifting conversations, always remind yourself about divine energy, I am praying and doing all these things constantly but sometimes I lose focus. When it comes to my wealth, it’s definitely grown but it hasn’t grown to the level of my expectation. If I don’t have the focus on wealth creating activities, why should I expect my wealth to grow?

Maybe I haven’t spent time thinking or focusing on those money-making activities. Maybe I haven’t really thought about what the next big idea is for me. I want to be creating a hundred thousand a month in my business, how can I build this business up to that level or do I go into another business activity and create another business? What helps me grow to that level and allow yourself to be able to divert and pivot, take and bring it closer to your wealth, you know the kind of wealth that you want. Should everyone be focusing on this at the moment?
I would say yes and until you have arrived at that level, at that number, which makes you feel happy and comfortable. That number is going to be different for everyone. Someone’s going to be happy making 5,000, passive income very easily. Somebody else could be happy with the 10,000.
Somebody else will be happy with 50,000. Somebody else will be happy with a hundred thousand. Somebody else would be happy with a million. That number is different for every single person, that number is different and it should be unique for every single person. You need to look upon your life and think about what you’re focusing on right now. If I want a certain amount of income or wealth, what should I be focusing on?

One of the things that I realized is that it’s not the amount of money that is important to me but the way I make it, Until now my passive income has been very little, I don’t call my income passive because there’s so much work involved with creating my money, That ridiculous amount of time is not passive by any means. I realized what I really want is to have a certain amount of money coming to me as passive income so when another obstacle or situation arises, such as next year, my daughter will be doing her GCSEs and I’ll be heavily involved in supporting my daughter. I need to have a certain amount of money coming in through passive means so that I don’t have to be stressed or worried about money, so I needed to create this.

It is being focused and prepared in terms of what life has in store for you and what’s important to you, I don’t have to support my daughter but I’m going to choose to do it. I didn’t have to support my son, but I chose to do it, their father doesn’t spend the time. He doesn’t care what exam he has, that’s his choice. For me it was taking him to the exams, preparing him before exams, giving him the mindset tools, allowing him to take the energy tools and watching him be the best version of himself at interviews and exams, that was my choice, I want to do that but it also meant that those times I was not
focusing on my work or wealth building activities and this is what I have had to accept. In your life, you can have situations where you’re going to be focused on other things, that’s absolutely fair but the problem is when that temporary diversion becomes a lifelong activity so instead of being focused on money making activities, you’re constantly focusing on some other aspect of your life.
You find yourself going from focusing on your partner to your children, your health, your mother’s health, your uncle’s health and so forth. Life will keep throwing these different circumstances at you if you are not careful.

I knew I was going to have a lot to deal with, my son’s studies, Myra’s GCSEs and I had this to prepare for their education which is super important to me therefore I took the time out. Instead of thinking okay what do I do?, I already am going to allocate time for this. I’m already going to work a timetable where I can allocate energy,time and mental space to help them and support them in their education. At the same time I have a certain amount of time which I can focus on my wealth building activities.
And at the same time, creating those vehicles, the machinery require the systems in place,having those systems in place will give me the kind of passive income that I need to not stress about the day-to-day income, the day-to-day expenses, including the business and for my employees and my consultants and everything that’s related to my coaching business as well as my property business.

I am looking to buy other businesses as well. So we are going into different areas together. I am expanding and I am going to have a large number of staff working for me which means I’m responsible for other people’s livelihood,money and their income as well, which is an additional responsibility which I’m going to take on. And I’m happy to do it because it’s going to help me to build my wealth and these are part of my wealth building strategies and wealth building activities but it does mean that I have to factor that in.

Take ownership of what’s happening in your life

Whatever you are focusing on accept it and then reassess whether you’re not focused on wealth, if you are not focused on wealth, you will not create wealth, if you’re not focused on creating a business which gives you the financial freedom, you will not have that financial freedom.

There is no such thing as a random accident. It doesn’t happen that way. It’s your choice,how much time everybody puts into work. I am asking you to be another Elon musk and put in 120hrs a week,it’s your choice how much time and effort you put in your work,I am of the opinion that you should have a time that you enjoy your work and have adequate time with your family. That’s super important. Even for me, every single day it is important that I get to spend some time with my kids because that is more important than anything else for me.
But at the same time, I’m focused. Once my kids are asleep, I’m focused on creating or having conversations with my clients. My kids are so important to me. I’m always focused on them but I am also focusing back on activities, those activities which are going to build my wealth which up till now I had put on the back burner, not intentionally because I had always had excuses of Purvis happening or I should do this for Myra.

Don’t waste your time on mundane activities that can be delegated to other people or activities which doesn’t require some of your time like scrolling through social media or catching up with people? I’m not saying not to catch up with people to have or conversations,
I’m not telling you not to have friends but when you are focused on your dreams and you are really focused on becoming wealthy, you will have to put your friends on pause for a little while, not every single day.
So it’s not that I don’t talk to friends but I have a limit on the time that I do speak to them because when I do have time, I speak to my children and I speak to my clients. I do speak to my friends maybe once a week and I have individuals that I have conversations with once or twice a week.Most of the time is spent on my children or alone time with my meditations or on my business.

If I spent all my time gossiping and talking to my friends, I wouldn’t get anything done. So how much of your time are you spending just socializing and on Netflix or listening to news or other things and how much time are you spending focusing on your goals? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.


What are you doing with your time? How focused are you on your goal? Because if you’re not focused on your goal, if you don’t have a burning desire for this goal, you are never gonna achieve it. It will be a dream, it doesn’t matter how many mind maps you make or how many vision boards you make, it doesn’t matter how many affirmations you say, if you’re not focused on your goal, you’re not getting it. Be truthful to yourself about what you are doing at the moment, if it is getting you closer to your goals or you are just ticking along. Are you busy being busy or are you actually productive?

Check this internally and level up by focusing more on your goals.

Casting your burden over to divine energy in your pursuit of wealth, abundance and prosperity

This almost feels like I’m sharing a journal of personal life as I progress on my work towards creating wealth and abundance for myself. When we are on this path of prosperity and abundance, this is actually a journey of growth and self realization, you are going to have moments of doubt, despair, desperation and you’re going to come across obstacles which may seem insurmountable.

It doesn’t matter how clear your vision is and how strong your why is, you will definitely experience moments of doubt, despair and frustration but if your will is strong enough, you will come out of this situation rapidly and you’ll be on track again. The stronger your why, the quicker you’ll come out of this state. My whole life revolves around my two children, every thought, idea and my desire for prosperity stems from my love for them and my desire to give them the best life possible. My children’s access to quality education is of the highest priority for me at the moment and equally giving them a good life and raising them in a good environment because my brother and I grew up in a council state and he got into bad company. My ‘why’ is so strong, to ensure my children do not lack anything and it makes it rare for me to fall into these low moments, and when I do, It pulls me out very quickly.

I have these flickering thoughts and moments of doubt, frustration and despair as every other human, I’m not immune to these moments but because of my strength and sheer will, I come out of it.

How can you come out of these moments of despair, desperation, frustration and anger?

When I find myself in frustrating situations that feel too big for me to handle, I cast the burden of that situation over to divine energy. This is when I admit to divine energy that this is too much for me, that I cannot handle it, this is your problem. I had this situation that kept on occurring in my coaching business for months now and it occurred to me that I was seeking outside help, involving an external agency to help me with this particular issue but so far after wasting thousands of pounds and time, the conclusion I’ve come to is that nobody else can help me, this is something that I need to work out on my own.

I’m naturally gifted towards it and this realization came after I had prayed to God to give me a solution and a sign. I really believe that when you ask God for help in all sincerity, he would answer and show you signs. When I prayed for a solution, I was told to look at myself and look within but every time an agency that I employed to help failed, I would look for the next agency or expert to fix it, I kept on looking outside of myself. I did not look within because It was not the area that I wanted to practice or specialize in so I kept on outsourcing it to someone else. I do believe in outsourcing to other people for various things but sometimes as was in this case, you have to do it in-house. I finally gave into that, I had to learn it and I have to become an expert of this skill that has been gifted to me by the universe.

Another instance is this business that I want to go into but I don’t know how to get into that business so I’ve put that idea on a shelf and I have handed over the part of creating a way for me to break through into this business to divine energy because that’s the source of the guidance and intuition that I need to go into this particular area. I have given divine energy the responsibility of bringing a person or a course, or ideas on how to get into that business. I know the information and help is out there but I don’t know where to look or how to find it so I am relying completely on divine energy to not just create a way for me to start but also show me how to get the funding and I’m very confident that by the end of this year, I would have opened up that business and It’s up to divine energy to guide me.

I have accepted the vision about going into this business by the end of year and I’m certain things will unfold in the most magical way possible because I’m letting divine energy guide my steps to take actions when the time is right and send me solutions where needed, because of my faith in God, I’m certain it’s going to happen. As I’ve cast the burden to the divine energy, I’m going to go on with life following his directives to the best of my ability.

Always rely on Divine energy for guidance in any situation in your life. My son’s results for his entrance examination into elite private school came through and my son Aryan fortunately got into these amazing schools. Earlier, the issues were getting into these schools but now it’s which one of them I should select for him. All of these schools are amazing but each one has its pros and cons and I have asked divine energy for guidance to make the right decision for my son. I really believe that having a strong educational background opens up the mind. I have three schools to choose from, School A wasn’t a school I was considering because I didn’t even think we could get in, I wasn’t really keen on School B but it was my second favourite and School C is my daughter’s school. I am very proud of my son and I prayed to thank God for helping him accomplish this feat, I also asked for guidance and we are going to visit all the schools before I make my decision.

I thought that I’ll be leaning towards the school where my daughter goes because it makes logical sense for both kids to be there together and we are already familiar with the teachers and school and they know me as well. I was shocked the next day that all I could think about was school A, the benefits and most importantly how it’s the most academically superior of the three. My intuition strongly told me to go with school A which was not even on my radar. The fees of these three schools are the same so it wasn’t used as consideration points. So why was my spirit insisting on School A, because divine energy knows better.


Divine energy knows more, sees deeper and knows what’s going on far greater than you can. In your limited capacity, when you try to make these life-changing decisions for your business, your personal life and your kids, it’s best not to rely on your common sense or my conscious mind only.

When I have an important decision to make, a change that will have an impact on me or my business or my family for a long term, I always ask divine energy for advice and this is what I’ve become accustomed to, I’m always listening to my intuition and seeking out his guidance.

I hope we can utilise divine energy’s power to unburden ourselves and get on with our lives while walking on his directives and his timing, this would help you to quantum leap your results. There might be times when you’ll be asked to take actions that go against logic but remember to trust your instincts and follow his guidance to build your wealth.

The virtues and vices of anger for your wealth

Virtues and Vices of anger in terms of wealth

Can anger be a virtue?

Let’s discuss the vices of anger and I will share a story with you relating the virtues of anger so we can all understand both sides when it comes to wealth.

There was this man that had a son and his son was very temperamental. He kept losing his temper so the father decided to teach his son a lesson in the best way possible. He made a pact with the boy that in order for him to start controlling anger, he needed to channel the anger in a different way. The father gave the son a task, that he should hammer a nail into the garden fence every time he loses his temper, they had a large garden fence and every time during the day when he lost his temper, the boy would hammer in one nail. At the end of the first week, he had hammered 37 nails into the fence, which wasn’t great.

He realized how awful it was and the effort it had taken him to hammer the nail directly into the fence and gradually he became aware of his behavior. He started controlling his anger, he found it a lot easier to control his anger than hammering nails into the fence. Gradually over the next few weeks, he began to control his anger as more and less nails went into the fence. It got to the point where he was no longer putting nails into the fence. He was quite happy and cheerfully went and told his dad that he was no longer putting nails into the fence because he could now control my anger.

The father was really pleased and said that was great but then he took his son out to the garden and said “Son look, now that you’ve put in all those nails, it is now time for you to remove them”. The son had to go back and pull out each of those nails from the fence. It took him a couple of weeks before he managed to take out the nails from the fence and again, he was very pleased with himself and he went and told his dad he has pulled all nails saying “I’ve now undone all the bad that I did” and the father said to him, “Interesting, let’s have a look”. So the father took the son back to the fence and showed his son that even though he had pulled out all the nails from the fence. Every single nail had left a hole behind which meant he could not undo the damage he’d done to the fence.

It was not repairable. All he could do was maybe put a filler in the fence, the wound will heal but the scar of it would still remain. This highlighted the fact that when you are angry and you say horrible things or do horrible things in a fit of anger, the emotional damage or the physical damage could heal up but unfortunately the scars and trauma from that anger remains, it highlights the importance of controlling your anger. I want you to understand anger on its own is not bad, everyone is allowed to be upset once in a while but the issue is the mode of expression.

What is anger?

Anger is just an emotion, the problem with anger is when you operate from a fit of anger, When you say or do things and behave in a way that can be damaging to you and other people when you are in a state of anger. There’s no way that you can say something mean to someone else without harming yourself, that’s just the law of the universe and how karma operates. So when you are acting on anger negatively, this is when you are wrong as anger on its own is an emotion that you can use.

Virtues Of Anger

When we are angry, we are actually operating from a space of defense, we are defending ourselves. We are defending our virtues, our beliefs, we’re simply defending something and usually when we get angry, we are threatened, if not consciously, then subconsciously and that’s why we behave and react or retaliate in that way. However, if you can become aware of what causes your anger or your trigger points, the same way this little boy in my story became aware of his anger and then began to control it.

If you can control your anger, you can turn that emotion into a powerful tool. So, one of the best things I found and this is not by my opinion alone, lots of psychologists and great thought leaders have said the same thing. Anger is something that you can use as a tool. If you get angry, if you are a temperamental person, I’m someone who’s highly emotionally charged and I do get angry but instead of acting on anger and behaving in a harmful manner to me and others, I choose to channel my anger in a different way. I choose to use my anger as a tool to push me forward in my goals and this is a virtue of anger. One of the best benefits of anger is when you use it to get to your goals faster, I find people becoming very lethargic or apathetic to their goals , to their life mission until they feel indignant or embarrassed or ashamed for some reason, some other emotion comes into place which makes them angry for being in that situation which actually is the push required for people to get moving.

Using myself as an instance, I was in a dead marriage. My marriage with Irfan had probably ended in the first year, we still went on to have a child in the second or third year, I can’t remember the exact year but the marriage was just based on the wrong things and overly compromising, the marriage wasn’t really there from beginning, but I still tried to make it work. 2015, I knew the marriage was over, It was a dead horse that I was beating. I was trying to make it work, and I knew it wasn’t gonna work and One of my cousins really kept saying “Girl, you need to end this, you need to end this”. I was so uncomfortable and miserable, a lot of abuse was melted out to me both physically (not so much) and emotionally, I was completely convinced by my ex that I was ugly, fat, stupid, and couldn’t handle money.

I was stuck in that marriage, I didn’t have sufficient motivation to leave, In march 2016 when i found out about his first affair, he convinced me that it wasn’t a general affair, it was just texting, that he would never cheat on me and I still believed him, the situation didn’t make me indignant enough to leave him, I was upset with him but not angry enough to leave him. So come 31st of August 2016, I caught him red-handed with his 19 year old girlfriend literally in bed with him, I look back at that time and I think that was when I was extremely angry, screaming, fuming and crying but that was something that I needed, I needed that anger to get out of that situation.

When I look back at that time, I’m grateful to him and that girl, whatever she did or didn’t do, I’m not judging her character at all but I’m forever grateful to her because if she didn’t come into the picture, if they didn’t do what they did, by the way, both of them lied to me when I first found out about the affair in March, I actually became friends with her thinking I was trying to help this young girl get into a better position because I thought this 42 year old man was manipulating the 19 year old. I guess I was very naive at the time anyway and I think I was betrayed by both of them, I still have no hard feelings towards her. I send her love and blessings because if it wasn’t for her, I would still be in that dead marriage, instead of thriving and having multiple seven figure businesses, I would probably be six feet under or most likely the asylum because I would have lost my faculties and had a mental breakdown by now.

I would have either been in deep depression or suicidal but that anger allowed me to have enough motivation to move out of that situation. This is why I think anger is a beautiful emotion. When you are angry, it gives you the fuel required for you to move most of the time. People get uncomfortable then they become comfortable being uncomfortable that they don’t move out of the situations, anger makes you indignant, ashamed, frustrated. If you’re angry, frustrated, ashamed, you will do something about it. You will shift away from those situations, and this is what anger can help you do. A situation can make you sufficiently angry to give you the motivation to take action. You already know you have to make a move but you are procrastinating, this is one of the best virtues of anger, If you act on anger, Yes you will leave holes in the fence, the damage you do when you are angry and upset can never be repaired but it causes you to move when done right.

When I’m angry, It’s my inner self telling me that I am not happy with the situation, that I need to make a change. This could be in your finances, your business and your career or even your relationship, it doesn’t really matter. It depends on you where you are and you are fully aware of it. You are never angry, because you’re angry, You do know why you’re angry, You are just refusing to accept it.

“I’m just an angry person. I get angry all the time.”

Why do you get angry all the time?

Why do people trigger you all this time?

There must be a reason, you have to become aware of what makes you angry and what the underlying reasons behind it are. I knew I wanted to be out of this marriage for a while, I was looking for a way out subconsciously, but consciously, I just thought I was going to make it work. This was my second marriage, I couldn’t leave. I didn’t want the kids to grow up without a father. I was going to make it work but it was a horrible marriage and he was an awful dad.

He is better now but then he wasn’t there for his children, i knew this man was absolutely an awful husband and equally bad as a father, yet I stayed in the marriage thinking because i didn’t want my second marriage to spoil. The point is that anger gave me motivation, I remember when I was younger I was really angry at my father and I channeled my anger towards education and also when I was angry at my brother too, my brother when we were a lot younger was a juvenile delinquent, he did everything under the sun that he could possible imagine putting my mother through hell.

My brother did everything wrong and because I got so annoyed, upset and angry with him, I channeled that anger and the anger towards my father cheating on my mother and remarrying and not giving us any financial support, I channeled this anger I felt towards them into my work. I was extremely motivated to be different, to ease my mother’s heartache. I studied so hard that even though I’m dyslexic and I couldn’t read a full sentence until I was 11 or 12 years old in high school, I didn’t let that stop me, I carried on and as I grew older, I was able to compensate for my dyslexic habit or dyslexia.

Therefore, my grades became better because I was able to have better bridges, I studied hard, I was able to study because I had the motivation. Now I’m one of the most ambitious people I know, when I look back and think about it, for someone in their early 20s, a teenager, I was really ambitious. Why? Again my passion came from my anger and I wanted to prove to my father that I didn’t need his money. I could make money on my own so I was highly motivated to succeed. I was going to make it, I was going to become extremely successful or die trying and that’s what I did. I became extremely successful, both in my career and in my finances and now in my current career and business as well, my anger comes from the passionate side.

I am an extremely passionate person, I am passionate about money, abundance and about teaching people about abundance. This is where my passion comes from, my passion also means I can be angry. I do get angry, because I feel very strong emotions towards certain things but instead of getting angry at people, I channel that anger into constructive action and this is why I succeed. So I’m telling you that there are virtues in anger and I am a prime example. Yes, I still need to control my anger better and I’m working on it but nine times out of 10, if something makes me angry, it makes me take action at a greater level and I far exceed my competitors because I am so passionate, and because I am so angry about something.

I don’t want you to look upon anger and say, that’s a negative emotion and I shouldn’t get angry, I ask you to embrace every emotion that comes to service, I encourage it. If you are angry, don’t do self-destructive things, we are going to channel anger into action, and that actually is gonna get you closer to your goals.

A lot of times when you get stuck in procrastination, the best way is to become indignant about something is to be angry at something, this is a way for you to be so annoyed and upset you are moved to take action which you should have done two years ago and this is why there are virtues in anger, but we cannot ignore the fact that anger has vices.


I hope you look upon your emotions of anger with a different light and you realize that you can actually channel your anger into taking greater action and that greater action will bring greater wealth to you. You cannot direct it to people because if you direct it to people , then you will lose, direct it at constructive action, which allows you to get close to your goals.

Life Vision

Do you evaluate your life?

Do you reassess your purpose in life?
Has your purpose in life deteriorated and gone off target?

This episode helps us take reflections and reevaluate our lives

Reassessing Life

We’re talking about your life vision or your life purpose and why it’s important to constantly reassess where you are, according to your life mission and its purpose.

I am going to share my story with you as usual, My birthdays are always a bit of a sad moment for me,I am always like “Oh gosh! I’ve lived another year and I haven’t done XYZ” . As optimistic as I am for some bizarre reason, I always become very pessimistic on my birthday.

I’ve been aware that I never really liked this feeling because the very next day, I reassess the day and I’m like “why was I so sad?” And I have to give credit to a cousin of mine that I am very close to, she’s in Canada and I love how she celebrates herself and her birthdays, She’s constantly telling me that I should celebrate myself and I’m spreading the gospel, treat yourself the way you would treat a child or a friend or a loved one because why not. I absolutely agree with this 110% which is why I made it a point to make sure that I celebrate myself this year.

My birthday fell on a weekend. So, I went out with some of my college friends from way back, One of them is someone I’ve known since I was 16 and the other, since I was 11. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, for decades and we had a wonderful time together.I really enjoyed myself and I got myself pampered. Those who know me know putting a lipstick on is such a big deal. I’m usually without makeup, the most I’ll do is probably put a lipgloss on. Anyway, the point is I went off to dinner with them and I had a wonderful time. I stayed out till about 10 O’clock which is pretty late for me, we ended up having dinner, dessert and just sitting there chatting around, reminiscing about old times, just generally connecting with each other as we haven’t seen each other for quite some time.

So the whole weekend, I did nothing relating to work besides saying thank you to people who wished me happy birthday, I had given myself the time and space to just really enjoy my time and truly take care of myself, then I got myself some flowers, I was so kind to myself which was very different from the previous years.


Learn to grow

Learn to celebrate your life.

I’ve celebrated myself and it shows on my pictures that I look years younger compared to 2015, seven years ago which was probably the worst time in my life. That was just a year prior to me leaving my husband and I feeling horrible. There was a sadness about me that was just undeniable. I mean, now I’m vibrant and happy and smiling, It’s amazing. I’m celebrating my life but this also means, when I sat down, assessed my life and I was following my purpose, I was looking at my life and thinking of how blessed I am and how happy I am.

Normally I would beat myself up and focus on how far away I am from my goals and what I haven’t been able to achieve but today, I actually sat down and celebrated how far I’ve come along and how much I’ve achieved and where I’m going.

Strategies For Reassessing Your Life.

You have to have a vision for your life and I do and I have a very strong and high inspirational vision for my life. It’s amazing and it scares me at times as well. When you have a vision or purpose for your life, your life goals and how you live it.

Flexibility Of Plans

When you start flying your plane for instance, from London to New York, it’s never going to be exactly on target so you have to steer it back into the mode because the winds will come and try to shift your sail, that’s how your life is. When you have a solid vision of where you’re starting and where you’re going, Let’s say you are making $10,000 a month at the moment and your goal is to make a million a month but you don’t know where or how you’re going to get the one million a month but you know how to get to a hundred then thousands. When you’re constantly making sure that you are taking actions that bring you a hundred or thousands. In between this, life will happen hence the wind factor, you might get distracted. In my case, it was providing my son with his iPhone 11 plus. You have to make room for changes to achieve your desired results, plans change over time so you have to be flexible.

What is more important to me?

What is the most important thing for me? What do I need to be focusing on?

These are the questions I ask myself to redirect me and bring back my focus on where it needs to be. Even when you have strayed from your goals, you know your plans can be brought back on course, this is your life, your plan is your life.You need to be able to make changes where need be, this is why it’s very important to reassess multiple times.

Where am I headed?
How am I gonna get there?
Am I doing everything correctly in the way that it needs to be done?

You enumerate what’s more important and get it done.


An author once said that your vision remains the same, your way, your methodology may change. Your vision depends entirely on your ambitions, what kind of money you want to make, Let’s say your vision is to go from 10,000 a month to a hundred to a million monthly, your course of getting to a million monthly may change your service,don’t beat up yourself if you are not where you think you are supposed to be yet,I celebrate myself for overcoming the obstacles in my way, So if you were to take your income to a million monthly, how would you do that? You may be thinking of continuing your way. If you have a service based product maybe you’re going to increase your service charges or you’re going to create a separate business, selling either on e-commerce or you’re going to go into a separate business altogether if you’re into manufacturing.

The point is your methodology and plan needs to be flexible enough to change and alter over time but your vision and mission remains constant, your vision is to make a million a month and therefore you will change the methodology as long as you can to get the desired result, for example, I was on track to earn multiple six figures on a monthly basis yet we had the curveball thrown in with the Facebook algorithm and I’m not the only one facing this. A lot of other people have also, we’ve been talking to quite a few other people who are on the online spaces. Facebook has thrown the ads out of the window, it’s completely crazy. With the iOS update we’ve had loads of issues navigating there so the plan has to change.You cannot rely on Facebook, there are other methodologies and other ways to bring in leads. The plan changes but your goal still remains the same and in my case it actually pivoted completely and I thought to myself that I want to not only have an online business, I need to diversify and focus on other businesses, have assets and grow my income.

So my plan changes over time with my businesses, I’m constantly reassessing it.

Where do I want to be?
Where am I at the moment?
Being clear about my visions
Focusing on my highlight
What’s important

Getting Rid Of Guilt

I’m really proud of how I have progressed, even in my personal life, I’ve made a lot of headway on some personal matters. In terms of managing guilt of being a good mom because I felt like unless my kids had a father who is actively in their lives, I was not being a good mother. I had to force or coerce my ex-husband to be present and somehow I took on the responsibility of enforcing he was a good dad and they had a father, thinking it made me a good mom but that’s completely bull shit.

That’s not my responsibility, it is his responsibility to be a father or not. I let go of that toxic idea, he gets to choose and that doesn’t make me a bad mom either way. I feel so relieved and free from that burden that I was carrying around and I really felt this year that I’m actually the best mother I could have been.

I am a great mom, my daughter gave me this lovely message that I’m a source of inspiration to her and I know for a fact that when I gave a talk at my son’s school, the boys were really impressed, these are 11 year old boys, of course we all connected with our love for cars. They paid me a lot of compliments and my son was very proud of me. My children are really proud of me, we have a fantastic bond. I’m a great mother, I’m doing everything that I can possibly do for them that is within my reach.

Today I sat here, not intentionally but slowly mulling over my life in terms of what has happened over the last year and I realized how much I’ve done, how much I’ve achieved and how wonderful I am. The hilarious part of this is that this year has been the least rewarding financially when compared to the others. The other year’s, I’ve made more money, this year we have experienced various obstacles, Money has not been as grand as it was previously, yet I feel more fulfilled and happier because of the things that I’ve accomplished in my personal life, in my mindset, my personal family, life has been a lot more grander.

So when I look at my vision for my life, the financial aspect, I may not be where I want to be according to my goals but ” Am I comfortable? Am I happy? Am I able to do everything that I need to do for my kids? ” The answer is Yes. So you have to assess your life on a regular basis and keep an eye on your vision because if you don’t, it’s very easy to get distracted. If you get distracted and don’t bring it back on course in time and very quickly, you’re gonna end up in a completely different direction because you’re on a different trajectory.

God’s Grace

You also need to allow miracles to happen to you, some different activities through God or the universal energy. So if your plans are so rigid, it has to happen just your way, you have to give room for miracles and allow divine energy some leeway to create these miracles for you to have those quantum leaps to move forward in the direction of your vision or your goals.


Reassessing one’s life on a daily basis and focusing on what is important helps you in being fulfilled and makes you happy. Enjoying God’s miracle and love, getting rid of unnecessary guilt, having a clear vision and being focused on your goals gets you to the place where you need or want to be.

Great morning and evening routines for building wealth consciousness


Today we’re talking about building your wealth consciousness through your morning and evening routines and these routines are inspired by the late Bob Proctor, I think Bob is really fabulous, He is one of my early mentors and I followed Bob Proctor throughout his lifetime and even now that he’s passed through this dimension, I still follow him. I absolutely admire his ideology, especially his simplicity.

If you follow my teachings, you’ll notice it follows a similar theme to Bob Proctors because he had this ability of simplifying really complex and complicated stuff so that even a ten year old could understand and I think that’s an amazing way to convey information and I too take things which are really complex and put your head around it.

The likes of Dr.Thomas Troward and even Napoleon Hill, they’re really great but it’s a bit tricky to fully understand how they can operate life but it’s different with Bob Proctor, I found his methods very simple and easy to implement these strategies into my life and therefore I encourage you to go ahead and read this especially if you haven’t read anything from him, his book You were born rich. I highly recommend it to you.

What does having a great morning and evening routine have to do with building your wealth consciousness?

My little gratitude to Bob Proctor, this routine that I’m about to talk about was written by Bob proctor and it’s a routine that I’ve grown to love and practice with my 11 year old son and 15 year old daughter. We do this on a regular basis so I wanted to encourage you to do this for yourself. Sometimes we fall into our old bad habits, we start off journaling and then life takes over and gives way to old habits again but these routines are quite easy to implement, that’s the beauty of this routine by Bob Proctor.

In finding an accountability partner, you should look out for someone that you truly respect and you are honest with. Someone you know that would be disappointed in you if you don’t follow through in your actions, that you can hold them accountable because they respect you as well. This helps you actually do what you say you’re going to do so accountability works very robustly.

Finding somebody you can use as your accountability partner is great, I have that in my children, I journal myself but I know with the kids journaling can be more tricky to get into their habits so we talk our ways to this. I get my son to do this first then my daughter does it and then I do it then we talk about it. I encourage you to talk to someone and also to journal and hold yourself accountable with someone whom you respect.

What is this fabulous morning and evening routine?

Bob described it as taking ten minutes to yourself and I believe all of us can take ten minutes out of our daily life and anybody who says, “Oh no, my morning routines, it’s so hectic. I’m so busy..” I promise you, you can take ten minutes out for yourself and if you do that regularly, ten minutes in the morning, and ten minutes in the evening, you will see a 10x return on your investment in terms of your time in your life.

The routine is as follows;

1. Calm yourself down; This is easy both in the morning and in the evenings because in the morning, you’re just waking up and in the evening, you’re winding down so either way what you would be doing is bringing yourself down to an element of stillness. In my practice, I’ve encouraged people to simply breathe in and out in a 6-3-6 breathing technique, using our connecting to the light methodology.

You could even use the silver method three to one which I think is a fabulous technique or you can use some kind of meditative new music or a shamanic music or drum beats or binaural beats, something to lower your brain waves or being in a really still state.

Like I said, you can use the three to one method from the silver method or you can use connected light as I’ve shown my followers previously, you can also use some meditative music to lower your brain vibration till you’re in a calm state.

2. Journal; Once you’re in that calm state, the next thing you’re going to do is to write out (in the case with my children we say it out) ten things you are grateful for, the essence is for you to be in the state of gratitude. There is a difference between saying things you’re grateful for and actually really feeling it so I want you to really feel every single thing you’re truly grateful for as that’s when you start changing your vibration, this is when your heart starts expanding out.


That’s how you know you’re in the right state. After you’ve calmed your mind down, you’ve got the element of stillness which should not take you longer than 60 seconds. Then you write out or you verbalize 10 things you are grateful for.

3. Forgive; Forgiveness is the very first module in my high end mastermind and this is why I talk about forgiveness so much. Here, you can pick three people that irritate or bother you, or give you some sort of a negative vibe. It could be anyone, a family member, a spouse or even a client. So you pick these people because they’re irritating you, they throw you in the negative spinal downwards and when you forgive them.

I would put both my hands on my heart chakra which is by the middle of the chest and Imagine them standing in front of me and I will tell them, I forgive you, I forgive you.

And actually send love and blessings from your heart to their hearts. You imagine this coming from your heart which is full of love and blessings going directly into their heart and you truly feel that love and blessing coming from your heart, going to their heart, this is such a powerful technique.

If you do this long term, you’ll see how those people no longer irritate you and their sentiments and feelings towards you would change and spontaneously other things that are not working out for you would start working out, and things start falling into place in your life. You are trying to get rid of one negativity but all the other negativity leaves your life because even the slightest negativity towards one person can have a direct impact on every other aspect of your life, this is why you have to get rid of all negativity and forgive every single person.

Even if you feel that you cannot forgive these people, you need to because forgiveness is a key part of prosperity.

4. Seek Guidance; Once you’re done with the forgiveness part, the next thing I would like you to do is to actually seek guidance. You remember that there are vibrations higher now, the reason why this is so powerful is because when you are in the space of getting love, blessings and affection, it doesn’t matter who it is directed at, your energies really expand and the universe actually looks back and responds to you.

You can only receive what you give out and as you just gave out so much love and blessings, in return the universe gives you back. In that state, the next thing to do for the next five minutes is to stay in the state of meditation, you can even set a timer so you know when to stop and do a countdown ten to one or 50 to 1, It doesn’t have to be that long and then you will ask for guidance.

If you have a problem in mind or you seek clarity on your next move, you need some guidance in a particular way for your business or personal issue, it doesn’t matter what it is. I usually use it for business purposes but you can use it for personal reasons, this works across the board because you’re seeking guidance from the divine. You’re asking for help, you’re seeking a solution and some guidance on how to move forward.

As you seek guidance, you may not get inspiration there and then, or even get it for the next three or four or five days, or a couple of weeks but I promise you if you stick to this technique and you are diligent and consistent with it, what you’ll start finding is in that five minutes when you ask for guidance, inspiration starts coming to your mind and your visions becomes clearer. The next thing I’m gonna encourage you to do very quickly is to write down in your journal, anything that comes to mind while in this moment.

This will transform your life in terms of moving ahead because a lot of the times, if someone is irritating us, it lowers our energy and causes obstacles, not just in that situation but it has a knock-on effect on other parts of a life and causes obstructions, it could be in our health, personal relationship or other business. An example is in the way I have multiple businesses, so if I take on the negative energy of my coaching business, it indirectly translates into my property or my trading business.

We need to be careful about these things which could impact other parts of our lives so we have to cleanse our energy and this is a beautiful exercise to do morning and evening, it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you can absolutely do this.


This routine is a fabulous way to connect to the light, to the divine and seek some inspiration in your life to move forward. I want to say thank you to Proctor for bringing this routine into my life because I think it has been fabulous so far. You can repeat the same thing in the mornings and evenings. The evening is sometimes even more powerful because even if you can’t see guidance in those first five minutes, what you find is when you go to sleep, your mind is still thinking about this and when you wake up, you get a burst of inspiration. Overnight, your subconscious mind has been working on it and the divine has been talking to your subconscious mind. When you repeat the exercise in the morning, in those five minutes of seeking guidance, things become very clear and answers are given to you.

To get yourself on the right vibration.

To actually seek guidance on a particular situation which is baffling you, which has your back up against the wall or you just don’t know how to move forward.

This is why it’s important to spare the time and do this morning and evening for ten minutes. It’s super powerful and has a fundamental impact on your wealth consciousness because this will make you wealthy, it’s something which I can guarantee.

Prosperity and Poverty Consciousness

Which one do you think you have?

I’m going to ask you a few questions today that may trigger you into asking questions and realizing what kind of consciousness you really have whether it’s poverty or prosperity consciousness and I want you to understand the two aspects to this, there’s poverty or prosperity consciousness.

And the reason why we can determine this is based on your financial standing. I’m gonna explain both of those terms but I want you to understand that every single person on the planet fits into the spectrum.

What is Prosperity Consciousness?

Inside this spectrum is someone who’s extremely prosperous. They are aware that abundance is all around them and they manifest money very easily, whatever they touch turns to gold, they have what we call the Midas Touch.

Everything they do excels really well, they have successful businesses and money comes to them and they’re able to invest. This is what I would classify as a prosperity consciousness, they’re aware of all the resources available to them. They’re able to get people’s time and people’s money to create their own money. They also enjoy abundance in their health and their relationship. This is one extreme example of the spectrum of other camps.

What is Poverty Consciousness?

On the other end, you have people who have poverty conscious and they live in scarcity all their entire life and there’s never enough time or money. They usually have big victim mentality.

In between these two extremes, we have everybody else somewhere along the spectrum and where you fit on that spectrum is determined by your financial thermostat.

What is your financial thermostat?

This is your comfort zone with money, It is not something of your own choice unless you’ve actively worked on it. Your financial thermostat has been given to you, it has been programmed into you by your primary caregivers. And this could be your mum and dad, your foster parents, even your doctors, uncles and aunties. Whoever it was with the most influence on you between the ages of zero to seven and to some extent between 7 to 14 and maybe even to 21.

Generally most of your programming is done by the age of seven so this financial thermostat has been programmed into you by your primary caregivers without your knowledge even. In your teens and early 20s, you can rebel, pull away and be able to make a lot of money and that’s good but you find that towards the beginning of your 30s, somewhere along those lines between early 30s and 40s, there’s what I call a snapback. It happens. When you experience a snapback, you are pulled back into your earliest money paradigm and you begin to live the story (thermostat) that was programmed into you.

So basically in your 20s and even to some extent your 30s, you pull away from your true part of the financial paradigm. You might think, “Oh! I escaped though. I’ve made money and done all this“. A lot of people don’t understand that If you don’t clear your energy around your earliest money paradigm, you will suffer a snapback and get shot down to where your financial thermostat is set for you by your primary caregivers and it could be in the form of going bankrupt, physical burnout, Cancer, a failed marriage and losing everything. This snapback can manifest itself in a number of different ways, there are different situations.

How do you realize what your financial thermostat is?

Your financial thermostat is the financial thermostat of the people that looked after you in your primary age.Your primary caregivers at the age of 7, What kind of money did they make? What kind of life did they live? What kind of ideas did they have? This is what sets your lower and your upper financial thermostat. So you find that with most people (there are exemptions to this of course) but generally 90% of the time, majority of the people who I’ve come across tend to live in that upper and lower financial thermostat which is the upper zone and lower zone based on the financial thermostat of their parents.

Financial thermostat is your comfort zone around money, The Lower threshold of it is the absolute low amount of money that you can survive before your sense is coming to play and you attract money and the upper threshold of it is the amount of money you allow yourself to have in your energy field through investments through a business through whatever have you before your subconscious mind kicks into action and starts attracting ways to get rid of the money.

We tend to live between the upper limit and the lower limit but once this snapback happens, they tend to switch between the two unless they clear this so they don’t continue to do this ping-pong journey for the rest of their life. During my research, I remember doing a lot of research and speaking to lots of people in their retirement age and finding out why most people retire and retire poor.

This one story really stuck out to me, about this gentleman who had multiple businesses, was running a multi-million at one point and in his retirement when he was the age of 70, he was fully financial dependent on his son, himself and his wife and he couldn’t work it out how he ended up being fully financial dependent on his son rather than himself. And the only thing that came to mind was that he ping-ponged his way between the lower and the upper throughout his life and he never actually cleared his energy therefore at the age when he should be enjoying his money, he had nothing to enjoy.

I would encourage you to look at your financial thermostat and think “what kind of money makes me uncomfortable?” I don’t want you to give me straight answers because you grew up rich or you read my book or you listened to this podcast or you listen to Tony Robbins and you think….. you can make a million a month and can be happy with it.


Whether you can make a million a month, I don’t doubt that, I think you can. I think every single person can make a million a month, it’s not a big deal but whether you can make a million a month and keep it long-term, that’s what I doubt, the amount of money you make is not going to be impacted by your financial thermostat. Sometimes we stretch our upper/lower limits by doing all these positive works but we only stretch it, we don’t actually stabilize them.

So we can stretch and stretch and at one point, we take a step back and come right back down to the bottom, that’s when bankruptcy happens. I want you to really think about what kind of money did your parents (primary caregivers) have when you were growing up. And if you are about 30-40, please pay attention to what kind of lifestyle you are living right now and how similar or different it is from the lifestyle of your parents, you may have a lot more money coming in but in terms of lifestyle and standard of living, how similar or different is it from your parents and 9 times out of 10, I find people off of the age of 30 onwards generally have a very similar standard of living to that of the primary caregivers.

Surprisingly it occurs a lot for people from professional backgrounds, I remember this conversation I was having with this doctor, she was a GP and her husband was an IT consultant. Between the two of them, they were making $150,000 pounds annually. I remember she was very frustrated and upset because they were losing money and she couldn’t work out why they were not able to keep and grow money.

They were making all this money but their outgoings were more than their incomes and she didn’t understand this because they weren’t spendthrift. She thought they were frugal but what you find is that as your income grows so does your expenses (if your financial thermostat has not been worked on). You manifest a legal action, a wrong client, something which will bring you back down and bring you back into this comfort zone around money.

Okay, this is what happens and the reason for the thermostat analogy. My radio thingy comes to mind initially, I’m usually always cold and have set my thermostat so whenever the temperature falls to a certain point, it automatically comes on and when it goes above the same point, the heater kicks in. This is what happens with you energetically, when your financial thermostat picks up, there’s no money coming in and you really feel like, “Oh! I don’t know how I’m gonna pay the rent.” And if your financial thermostat is set to the point where you have to pay lease, your rental mortgage and your bills have to be paid and your manifesting power goes through the roof and you attract opportunities, people and money to make sure you make your commitment.

Once those commitments are met, you go back to your comfort zone and when you start making more money, you begin to manifest the very opposite, ways to lose it. These things happened to me and I’m talking from experience. When I became a millionaire at the age of 27, I completely shambled my life within a year, from property crash, my marriage ending, becoming a single mother and having a negative equity, it was really awful.

I didn’t even know at the time that I was experiencing my snapback due to energy and financial thermostat, you have to work on financial thermostat so when you start making money, obviously it happens both ways, The reverse way it happens with your lower end, It also happens at the top end as well and this is exactly what happened to me in 2008, My energy could not handle me having that kind of money, that net worth or prosperity mark so it brought me back to my financial thermostat comfort zone and I didn’t realize this for the longest time until a few years ago when I really deep dived into money, prosperity and money consciousness.

I realized my consciousness was geared towards poverty, I was programmed to be in poverty, to have poverty consciousness because that’s what I grew up in. My father was a multi millionaire, a self-made one but he too grew up in poverty and my mother left him and I grew up in the ghettos, in East London. My mind was never programmed to be prosperous, therefore I wasn’t. And the times I prospered, I brought myself back to the level I was comfortable with and subconsciously, very quickly, it only took me a year to get back to base. So now I realize the need to push up my thermostat.

Pushing up your thermostat and changing our limited beliefs

You are always going to have an upper/lower limit, you need to bring your lower limit up and take your higher limit higher so your absolute bottom limit would be a lot higher than where it is at the moment and your upper limit should be always expanding. You should always expand that further and further and further. Now in order for you to expand and grow your financial thermostat, you have to change your limiting beliefs and there are so many limited beliefs that we are programmed with as we’re growing up and these are given to us again, they are not ours.

We buy into these beliefs, they are not taken by us by choice. We may think there are thoughts now but initially there were somebody else’s thoughts and ideas and were planted into our minds as young beings and we took them on as our own and these ideas are;

  • Money is the root of all evils
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Money corrupts you
  • Money causes divorces
  • I don’t need money to be happy etc.

I have a whole program around this, it’s called Millennial foundations where we cover hundred and one limiting beliefs around money, business and success and it’s surprising how some of the beliefs are taken up by the majority of people and they don’t even see them as limited beliefs. In my programs, I explain why these beliefs can be limiting, the impact it has and we change it with energy clearance of course but it’s shocking to see how many people don’t even see them as limiting beliefs.

This is how the world goes, they have this paradigm around money and they don’t even realize it. So what we are after by changing your financial thermostat is to change you, we want to get you to change your paradigms around money and when you change your paradigm around money, you will change your financial thermostat. You actually extend it further and expand the upper limit of it, and you’ll be able to allow more money to come to you at a faster pace and allow it to stay in your energy field and you will not suffer from snapback as rapidly and eventually you should stop all together.

This financial thermostat would always happen by the way, when you get to the next upper limit, it will have a snapback and you come back down. You build it up further again and it goes further up again and you have another snap back and you come back and this is why if you look at anyone who’s successful, their journey is not an exponential line, it’s a zigzag and that’s normal as long as the trajectory is upwards, I’m okay with that because it means you need to adjust, expand your mind further and work a bit more on your beliefs, build your prosperity consciousness and that’s quite perfectly fine.

As we’re learning and growing, we’re going to have these minor snapbacks again and again but what we don’t want is a major snapback like I had back in 2008, I went from being a millionaire in 2007 at the age of 27 to being under the poverty line in 2008, having no money, no job, no partner and being a single parent, almost destitute. And having all these properties with negative equity and I was stuck, The only option was for me to go bankrupt which I chose not to do and I’m grateful that I didn’t.

So this is what we don’t want and asides that the snapbacks will continue to happen but that only is feedback given to your subconscious mind that you need to expand your financial thermostat further and further and that just means constant growth of our prosperity consciousness. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.


We should continuously continue working on our prosperity consciousness because we are a work in progress. The whole point of this life is to grow, to learn, to develop and any time you stop learning, you stop growing, you stop living.

Why pain is essential for your growth to become wealthy

We are looking at pain and how it’s important on your journey to becoming wealthy. I came up with this topic because of my own challenges recently with my injury and also some businesses that have not been as profitable as they should be.

It really got me looking around, all those people who’ve gone before me on this success path, we always stand on the shoulder of giants and if you look at the life journey of anyone who’s been highly successful, you would realize how much pain they endured before they tasted success and even as they have become successful, they still had episodes of severe pain and it causes you to question whether God gets some kind of sadistic pleasure in causing us pain and the answer is no, absolutely not.

God is good all the time. I love that phrase, I really resonate with it because God is great all the time. We are currently in Ramadan and fasting at the moment. When you’re fasting, your spiritual energy is heightened, I’ve been reassessing and thinking about various things especially during the hajib…..a midnight prayer.

So I’d be sitting there reading the Hajj and contemplating about various aspects of my life and while meditating, I try to work out what the purpose of pain is, because pain has a huge purpose and I was just trying to get my head around it especially as it relates to one aspect of my life that I was really struggling with. Again, I have to admit I’ve begun to struggle with this aspect of my life again.

Discovering the purpose of my pain

I share my life so openly and candidly with you all because I’m a work in progress and I’m not standing on some mantle and talking down to you. I’m here amongst you telling you what I aspire to be and where I fall short so that you can avoid my mistakes and also for you to have hope and learn with me along the journey.

So this is one aspect of my life that I was really questioning divine energy, I couldn’t figure out why this individual had come into my life, (he’s been out of my life of the last six years now) and I have forgiven him yet things pop up and wounds open up again because of his attitude towards his children and I couldn’t understand, We’re so opposites in every regard in terms of personality and integrity so I couldn’t work out why the divine energy would bring such an individual into my life to cause me so much pain, not just when we were together, but also as we have parted ways and being a devoted parent, I get hurt when my children hurt.

So as I was on my “God, why?” , I’m human and I’m having this physical experience and being emotional. Sometimes when we give into emotions, we are prone to low vibrational thoughts, but I am of the opinion that those times we need to seek guidance. As a child, my mother taught me that no one would value my tears as much as God will, so I only cry to my God and I think my tears are very precious, most of the time when I’m crying, it’s usually in a prayer.

Anyways I find that this prayer, the Islamic Salah, is a really deeply spiritual experience so I had just read the hajar, I was really emotional, crying and did a bit of playing the victim for five minutes and then I decided to meditate because I had about half an hour between then and Iftar, I already had the Suhoor food so I wasn’t going to eat any more apart from drinking water.

So I just sat on the praying mat and I meditated, During my meditation, I was just taken on this journey which is difficult for me to explain to you right now. It can only just be felt and sensed, it was almost like divine energy, God was listening to me and saying;

“Look, you are this amazing creative being and you have so much knowledge, get up, look at what the purpose is. I never do anything without purpose, look at what I’ve done for you, and see the reason for this happening to you.”

I really believe everything happens all for you and not to you but five minutes ago when I was questioning and I had fallen to the trap of feeling like things were happening or happened to me and this was when I realized the essential elements that pain played in shaping my character, in me being who I am and taking me along the journey where I’m going, I know where I’m going and I know the kind of character I have and there’s no way that I could be this person or could achieve those things that I’m looking to achieve had I not gone through that pain and this was really beautifully highlighted to me and I was filled with a sense of gratitude.

I’ve shared this story before, multiple times and I’m going to share it again. This story was brought to my attention during this meditation and it is of butterflies, when a butterfly was coming out of its cocoon and this man was watching and timing for hours as the butterfly just battled away and tried to come out of the cocoon and was just really struggling, The body was too big and it really couldn’t come out and the man felt sorry for the butterfly so he thought to help, unknown to him that pain the butterfly was going through was essential and after helping the butterfly, it was severely harmed.

Let me explain. So he went and helped open a bit more of the cocoon which meant that the butterfly was able to come out easily but the problem now was that usually when the butterfly comes out of this cocoon, the fluid in the body is pushed out into the wings and that’s how the wings actually take form and the butterfly is able to fly, otherwise the body’s too heavy and the wings are too weak.

So this pain that the butterfly goes through coming out of its cocoon is essential in order for the butterfly to fly and that just hit me and made me realize how all the pain that I’m going through is just building my wings and the stronger the wings, the faster and higher I will soar. In other for me to grow and elevate to the levels that I wish to and have on my vision board then this pain that I’m still going through on certain days and aspects of my business or personal life is absolutely essential for my wings to be formed, for me to develop the personality and character needed in order to achieve my goals.

Inspiration of my pain

When my accident happened recently, I wasn’t ungrateful for that, it highlighted to me that that was a test of my loyalty and faithfulness in Divine energy and I passed with flying colors. What I questioned the divine energy about was this individual and I really wish him all the luck and send him love and blessings because even though what he may have done to me can be classified as evil but it doesn’t matter how much evil he’s done to me or evil intentions he has towards me, those have been for my benefit, the pains that he caused me and continues to cause me through various ways is essential for my growth and this is why even though the divine energy can make it easier, is allowing me to come out of my cocoon myself, so I can develop my wings so I could fly.

The inspiration I got during that meditation was how easy it is for the divine energy to make things easy for me but then I will not develop the character that I need in order to get to the levels I want to get to. If my life was as easy as I wanted it to be and things happened the way it is in other people’s lives (because I find that other people have it a lot easier than I do), I would not have this character, also they don’t have my ambitions, our paths are different. So in order for me to achieve these things, to become this person that Gull needs to become and achieve all the goals that I set up for myself, I have to go through this pain and this is why the divine energy at times throws you in the pit of fire for you to grow through certain things.

There’s a saying in my culture, I’m from the India-Pakistan culture and my mother used to say to me that gold goes through the pitch of fire to be purified and that’s the only way it can get rid of impurities, this is no saying that God sometimes puts you through the pit of fire to let go of the impurities which are your bad habits, your weakness, the playing victim tendencies, as I had. You need to shred these aspects of yourself to become this amazing new version of yourself, capable and worthy of achieving these goals you have set for yourself. Everything you want for yourself already exists here, in some form but in order for you to bring it into your physical 3D world, you have to be a certain person. It’s not about looking like it but about actually being that individual.

The awareness of my pain and embracing it

The awareness that I got during that short meditation in the morning was the fact that everything that I’m going through at the moment is making me who I need to be, I am becoming the person who will achieve these goals and everything that’s happening in my life is just helping me to acquire the characteristics that I need in order to have the goals that I have set for myself.

So when I look upon my life, everything that’s happened in my life has been to shape my character, and I have to be grateful for it because when I became really aware of what God was doing in my life, how he has literally been standing here like a teacher, on the side, ensuring that I go through certain things in order to develop the person that I am, it just filled me up with so much gratitude because once again something that I always say that everything is happening for you not to you.

So all the pain that I’ve gone through, all the pain that I’m currently going through and one of the biggest pains was the loss of my mother. I lost my mother at the age of 21/22, a really young age, I’ve lived on this planet more years than she was with me. She was my only parent and I still miss her every single day and all the time yet the pain of losing her has built me and has given me strength too. And if she was in my life, I would not be here in this position, she wouldn’t let me get married to both of the people I did but besides that, my life would be a lot easier in many ways. When I lost my mother, my life became one of hardship and it did for a while seemed to be on the hamster wheel.

I still go from one thing to another and if somebody was looking at my life from the outside point of view, someone who knew things of my life would be wondering, okay what’s next. My life is simple half of the time and most of the time I look upon it as divine energy’s blessings because my life has shaped me to be who I am and I’m extremely proud of myself and my achievements, the way I help my clients, the way I am able to help people, the way I think, the way I behave and I still have a long way to go.

There’s so much more improvement that I can make and I definitely will but as of today, I’m very proud of myself and I like who I am and I’m becoming the person I need to be in order to achieve everything I want to achieve. This is why pain is so essential for your growth especially if you’re becoming wealthy because when you want to become wealthy and you want to do it the right way, you will experience obstacles and face challenges and sometimes, you may find yourself to be very lonely. I don’t know anybody who is as ambitious or works as hard as I do and I work smart too and I’m really focused on two things. One is my children, their education and the other is my businesses.

Therefore, I don’t have as much time as I would like to spend time with friends or with other people as I’m really focused on what I need to do.


The pains that I have gone through in my life are helping me to become the person I need to be to achieve what I want to achieve, so I hope that today’s episode makes sense to you and that you can get a glimpse of my understanding of pain and how essential it is for you to grow and be the kind of person that you need to be to achieve the kind of things you want to achieve.

Having a positive mindset towards life and building wealth

Having a positive mindset towards life

Today we are talking about the need for a positive mindset for growing wealth and towards our life generally. This episode is really personal, coming from a place of pain, it really highlights the need for a positive mindset and how important it is. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk as well which is why I mostly teach you through my experiences and as usual I’m going to be sharing an incident that happened in my life recently.



Why do you need a positive attitude and mindset in your life?

How you do one thing simply imitates the other areas of your life, it shows in how you do every other thing. In life events, the kind of mindset and energy you have around it makes your life journey a lot more interesting, more enjoyable and you are better equipped to deal with life’s uncertainties and unexpected circumstances and vice versa.

Recently, I was on a holiday to Turkey, I have not left the country since 2019 so the kids and I were really excited. We booked the trip and even my cousin agreed to come with us. I was looking forward to having some time off work because I’m constantly working on something, either with my kids or one of my numerous businesses that I run so I needed the time off mentally. I thought I could physically go and relax at the beach. So on the third day into our holiday, I got into a pretty major accident on on a quad biking excursion and I ended up at the hospital with both my knees in pretty bad shape and one of my knees had the flesh completely come off and I needed 20 plus stitches, it was a horrific accident. At that point when the accident took place, I actually thought I has lost my left knee, I thought it was broken.

This accident happened right at the end of the track on the ride and it was just very unfortunate but I celebrate this as a win for the way my children, my family and I dealt with it and the kind of mindset we had through it. This for me is an absolutely phenomenal win from where I’m standing because it showed how far I’ve come with dealing with adversity that come into my life unexpectedly at times.

While I had the unfortunate incident, my son was driving the buggy, not a quad bike and I chose the buggy because he literally wanted to drive it and he’s pretty amazing driver, he does Go karts all the time so driving the buggy was not a problem for him, he did it pretty well. It was just very unfortunate that the buggy skidded at the last minute and we had this major accident and at that time, I fainted because of the pain, it was too much for my body to take, my body went into shock and when I did come around, I saw my son crying his eyes out and being very apologetic, apologizing to me saying “Sorry mom, Sorry mom”. I remember telling him that mommy was fine, that it was just a scratch and I knew in my heart of hearts that it wasn’t but as I told him that, I was smiling as much as I could while I was conscious. I was even still smiling as we got to the hospital and just biting down the pain, I got stitched up and ended up being in a wheelchair for the remainder of the holiday.

At the moment, I’m still not very mobile because of the accident, I have had to take it easy and think about the stitches coming out. What I actually want to share with you today is how positively I took this. A different person could look at the situation and focus on how unfortunate the accident was, being that it happened on our first trip outside the country after two years but I completely saw it from a different perspective.

I am so grateful to divine energy that it wasn’t worse, my first initial fear was that I had lost my left knee but by the grace of God alhamdulillah, none of my bones were broken, I saw an orthopedic and I only had ligament issues so hopefully it won’t cause long-term implications. And another thing I’m grateful for was that my son was unharmed because he was sitting right next to me and I had this severe injury but my beautiful son escaped without a scratch on him. I felt this intense, immense wave of gratitude to divine energy that my son was fine, my bones were fine, It could have been a lot worse and also with my travel insurance, I was able to cover all the expenses that were required including seeing the doctors and the hospital bills, they were all taken care of by my insurance company and I was surrounded by such amazing people who take care of me.

My cousin being there was simply pure coincidence, she wasn’t going to come initially and I convinced her to come and she joined us last minute and I’m so grateful to her for being there to support me while I was in the hospital and also keeping my kids company because once I came back to the hotel after the accident, I wasn’t able to be mobile so she took the kids out and they were able to enjoy the holiday as well.

I also had people supporting me in the hotel, helping me come in and out of that wheelchair and moving around. I was given so much love and support that all I felt was gratitude. I remember relaying this story to my cousins and my other friends and realizing how intense my gratitude was to divine energy throughout this whole ordeal.

Not once was I ungrateful or felt as a victim. No why me, Not once was I even annoyed with the divine energy for this intense pain. I didn’t have any kind of negative feeling or emotion about this injury and that has shown me how far I’ve come from my journey which I started 6-10 years ago when the incident with my ex happened because we are all prone to having a bit of victim mentality, why me attitude but throughout this whole ordeal, I had nothing but gratitude to divine energy because it could have been a lot worse yet none of those things happened and if it was meant to be then it is meant to be, as Muslims we believe that some things are written in our kismet.

I could have been easily involved in a car accident in London and the injury could have come through the worst form but I had it in Turkey. It’s been nine days since it happened, I am still in a lot of pain, taking painkillers and not one part of me feels annoyed or upset, If anything my heart is overflowing with the amount of gratitude I can’t even express to divine energy for making the injury not as severe as it could have been and more importantly, providing me with support and ability to come home with ease and grace and making sure that my family was safe.

Now if we adopt this attitude towards everything that happens to us, in your businesses, in your lives, can you imagine how far that would take you? I always talk about how life isn’t happening to you but happening for you, everything that happens in your life happens for you on your behalf, it’s building you, it’s making you stronger, it’s making your character and doing something for you. In this instance especially, it really highlighted to me how far this ideology has been ingrained into my psyche, like I said earlier, it is not just about talking but also walking the walk.

Genuinely, not an atom of my being felt ungrateful when this incident happened, I was smiling and was grateful to the divine energy for making it not as severe as it could be, for saving my child and for all the support given to me through it, people really came out to support me, my staff, my family members, my brother picked me up from the airport. Everything was all done so seamlessly and I never felt alone, Divine energy was just supporting me, taking care of me every step of the way. If we can adopt this same ideology in our businesses, no supposed failure in your business would hold you back, you would always move forward and have a way out, you would always be grateful for all the things that are going right with your business. We all need to adopt this ideology because at any given time, things may not be working out, maybe a marketing strategy didn’t work or a partnership failed or certain petitions flopped and didn’t go according to plan but there is so much for you to be grateful for, find it and pull away from the despair, depression or anxiety.

Making good use of every situation

During this resting period, I had a number of things that I could really focus on but these two areas stand out to me the most and I’ll put in time and effort moving forward, I really found clarity. You will find goodness coming through whatever situation at hand because of your positive mindset, you will raise your vibration and attract more abundance and opportunities to yourself.

I analyzed this little incident that happened to me recently and the way my mind worked, I understood how amazing I am and how wonderful I handled it, I’m a work in progress that has so much more to work on but I have acknowledge this aspect of my life, for being the kind of person that I am working towards and behaving the way that I did. I didn’t even hold the buggy company responsible, yes they could have checked out their buggies and the tracks which I stressed out very clearly to them but I’m not blaming them. It was meant to happen so there’s no blame game.

There was no issue of any kind and I lived up to my expectation of myself and I’m really proud of myself for that. This has allowed me to realize that if I can deal with this in this manner, I can deal with any business issues or any disappointments in any of my businesses in a similar manner because I know that things could have been a lot worse but the divine energy always works for my good and the goodness of my heart.

This incident indicated to me how far I’ve grown as a person and how much I’ve developed in terms of my reliance on divine energy and how grateful I am for everything that comes my way. This is a kind of attitude I want you to adopt because I want you to be grateful for everything that happens in your life and note that there’s a higher being who’s keeping an eye out for you, that has your back and allows you to develop the kind of character you need in order to achieve your goals.


Go through life knowing that you are being supported by divine energy, at every given moment in time and this would give you hope and you would use your intuition to find out the best way for you to move forward in your business and continue working towards your wealth.

A positive attitude is so important, you need a positive attitude and outlook towards your life, and to take everything that comes to you in your stride, you need to see the obstacles as stepping stones to your destination to your wealth. We are all going to be on a journey and whenever you are close to achieving one goal, you’re going to set another goal and then another and that’s how life is. There is no final destination.

Bob Proctor once said “Goals are to help us grow, goals are to help us get. The getting is a side benefit; the growth is the real benefit”.

And that’s the growth that I want you to have, personal growth.

Pay the people who make you wealthy

Quite a number of people come to mind to talk about but today’s focus is on small business owners or those building a side hustle. If you are currently either on a corporate job or you left your corporate job and you are now working on your passion or your business that you’re doing on the side, which may now be a full-time profession, Whichever one it is, I’m assuming that you have a business that you’re running now.

Also I’m going under the impression that you want to become wealthy and for that to come to fruition, you need certain people to help you get there.



Today we’re talking about paying the people who make you wealthy but who are these people? There are three people that enable your business growth that you need to pay.

  • A Business Mentor
  • A Mindset Coach
  • Yourself

1. A Business Mentor

I learned about having mentors from Tony Robbins way back, when I was in my early 20s, I remember in his book he talked about modeling and how finding somebody who has gone through the part of success you want for yourself and replicating their actions makes your journey easier. We all know that the easiest way to bake a cake is to follow a recipe and the aim is that you would go out and find a mentor who has achieved what you want to achieve who can show you the steps on the way.

The coaching industry has really exploded to a billion dollar industry over the last 10 years. It certainly has different types of people who can coach you on different things, you would get all sorts of coach from parenting to business coach to even ads coach and so forth. There are two types of coaches that I believe you would need when it comes to having a successful business and the reason why I think these two should be two distinct people is because I’m yet to find someone who excels in both, myself inclusive.

So on one hand, you definitely need a coach or a mentor, somebody who can support you in your business. For example, if you’re setting up a business in the coaching industry stuff or you’re setting up a business where you are selling some kind of a course online, any kind of business that you’re doing, Whether it’s an off line business and you are doing the marketing for your B2C business. Irrespective of what kind of business, then I recommend you go out and get a mentor. Why? Because it takes years to accumulate experience you need to build a successful six or seven figure business.

Now, I’m talking about experience as a significant business owner, that it’s much easier to go out and find a mentor who can support your journey and help you build to that significant level which is why I recommend having a business coach who can help you along. And obviously I’m not going to recommend anyone in particular. There are different types of people out there, some people are more spiritual, some are quirky, some more direct, it depends on your philosophy and the kind of person you are.

I remember these two gentlemen that I actually worked with simultaneously in the same year. The first one was very Direct, very much alpha male, stuck in a 3D world, not very spiritual but he was an awesome mentor and the other mentor was very much spiritually aligned. They were both really amazing mentors in their own respect and I resonated with both of them, one more than the other. I learned from both of them a lot and with that knowledge, I was able to drive my business to 10x growth.

An important thing I want to bring to your attention is this, When you are working with a mentor, you’re not actually investing in the mentor, but yourself. Let me explain that clearly, people are far too occupied with investing in this and that when you want to work with them. In the middle of last year, I worked with a company who promised to get me a certain amount of leads through organic marketing, really slowly and now looking back in hindsight, it was an awful company. This was when I was investing in my business, I was investing in the company and not those people, that was wrong. When you work with a mentor, you are investing in yourself because you work with somebody who can teach you, who can help you to learn the skills and give you the skills required to build the business.

So, there’s a big distinction here, you’re not investing in the mentor, You’re investing in yourself. The first thing you’re going be doing is actually learning a particular skill set that you can use to build a successful business, that’s very important distinction to have.

So the first kind of coach that I would advise you to get would be a business coach.

2. A Mindset Coach

The second coach I would want you to get is a mindset person. Now, I truly believe that in order for you to have the kind of correct mindset, you need to have the right energies. I’m all about energy healing but I’m not going to force that upon you, What I would recommend you do is go out and work with someone who’s brilliant at fixing your mindset.

It’s like going to a doctor, Would you rather go to a general practitioner, who knows bit about surgery, a bit about heart condition and a bit about diabetes or a specialist who specializes in heart surgery or one who specializes in skin conditions and does that day in day out. Same thing applies when it comes to mindset, I want you to understand how important it is, Both of these mentors are important for you but some people would go for business coach and leave mindset out but I promise you mindset is really 80% of the game because if you don’t have the right mindset coach, you are going to be doing an uphill struggle


This is why I work with mostly multi six/seven figure business owners because these people have their skills they’ve learned, they’ve got business coach to help them set up, but just because business coaches have helped you set up the business doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful or be as successful as you want to be because you don’t have the right mindset, it just doesn’t have the right energy around it which is why I highly recommend that you engage both sides. Both are equally important, without one or the other, your business is always going to be struggling. You’re going be stuck in the boom of cycle. You’re going to be making money and losing money or even failing to scale up to the level you want to scale, you just keep on chasing your tail. One thing leads to another and you’re never getting anywhere.

If you only have mindset strategies or mindset tools but you don’t have a proper business strategy, then you’re chasing a tail again because you have to go out and actually work with somebody who can teach you the ropes of the business. I only take people who actually have established businesses, If you don’t have established business then I would usually refer you to my other programs and my monthly membership program is better. In order for you to qualify for my mastermind program, you have to have an established business, which you’ve been running for at least a year so we know that you have the skills required for you to scale up to get the kind of results you want as there’s no point coming to join mastermind until you have those skills or you’re willing to learn those skills and invested in a business mentor.

So these are the two people that you need to bring into your world and remember you’re investing not in them but in yourself in order to have an exceptional business.


So we have covered the two people that you definitely want to pay, Who’s the third person? There is a third person to pay and guess what? That third person is you, you are going to make yourself wealthy. Far too often I find (I’ve been guilty of this in the past) that the last person you pay is yourself.

The business has expenses and you’ve paid for everything and then there’s no money left for you. There’s no money left there to pay you and this is where the book of profit first came to my attention, it made me realize that there were aspects of my business which needed tweaking, and I did.

One of the most important thing was to remember to pay myself first, and the reason for this is that you need to understand and give the universe a clear signal that you know how to treat, respect and value money. Therefore you need to be able to pay yourself and if you’re not paying yourself first then there’s something wrong there. I covered this in “my three steps to cash for mastery”

You have to pay yourself first, regularly and continuously, it’s non-negotiable. It’s something that you have to pay even if something else has to be cut down, And when you start paying yourself regularly, you will always find ways to pay yourself and you will also have the money required for everything else.

So the three people that I recommend that you pay are your business mentor who will give you the skills required to establish and set up a successful business, Number two would be your mindset or energy coach, somebody who can help align you with the right energies and the right kind of vibration that you need to be in, in order for you to attract the right clients, the right people, the right team members for you to set up and run a successful business.

Finally, I want you to remember to pay yourself first because you matter and therefore you need to appreciate yourself in order for you to move ahead. This is without a doubt and I hope you enjoyed reading today’s episode and you realize now that the people you need to pay in order for you to become wealthy are non-negotiable.


Do you have a business or thinking about one, already have one that’s been established for present time and you’re looking to see how you can improve it. So if you are looking to do any of those things then do take this advice.

You have to have all three of these people, one you obviously have is yourself, but you need to make sure that you have the two other people in your team who will help you to become successful and become wealthy. On a 9 – 5 job alone, it’s unlikely possible so I highly recommend you set up a business.

Now, if you think that you need my help and I’m going to plug myself, if you’re looking to see how you can have my help, I would recommend you join our money mindset makeover workshops.

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