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Move On and Let Go For Abundance

A quote I heard once said ‘There are things that we never want to let go of and people we never want to leave behind but keep in mind that letting go is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new life” and this caused an energy shift in my life because I recently had to let go of a very close relative of mine and even though it was a difficult decision to make, I have found that this decision has bettered me as a person. The reason I had to let go of this relative of mine was that we were no longer on the same mental plane and even though I still love and respect her, our conversations were beginning to feel toxic to me; actively making the painful decision to pull back and let her go ended up restoring the positive energy that had been missing in my life.

When is it time to let go?

1. When someone’s negativity is rubbing off on you:  No matter how optimistic you are, being surrounded by toxic people can cause their negativity to rub off on you. You are the average of the people you spend time with so to reach your full potential, you need to be surrounded by positive people.

2. When you have grown apart from someone: I have some childhood friends who I had to let go of because our ideas of life were no longer the same, while I am more ambitious and business-minded now most of them are content with their nine-to-five jobs and where they currently are in life. So even though I still love them and wish them well, we are no longer on the same wavelength and no longer share the same core values.

3. When you are unhappy with your circumstances: Sometimes it is good to persevere and keep moving forward even though your situation seems difficult. Other times it is better to cut your losses and move on before things get even more difficult than they already are. Sometime in 2011, I set up a business with my cousin which I ended up having to let go of about two years later due to a lack of clients; even though we had gotten all the accreditations and I had invested so much money, time and energy into this business it ended up not being fruitful. There will be times that you invest in something, in this case a business, and the universe just does not want you to move in that direction but as long as you have faith that things are happening for you and not to you and that universal energy would never give up on you, you will achieve the life you have desired for yourself.

4. When your goals change: When I decided to start a family, I chose to leave my goal of being a lawyer behind and to instead raise my children myself as a stay home mom. After my separation, I became the breadwinner and had to get back to work again to provide for my family; however I did not go back to law even though I had worked so hard to get that degree. My goals in life had changed and I had to let go of my identity as a lawyer in order to pursue all the other goals I have for my life; you have to let go of your old goals and move on to this newer, higher version of yourself who has new goals that are positive for your manifestation journey. If you are in a profession and a higher self is calling towards a different goal, then divine energy is pointing you to the next challenge of achieving the life you manifested for yourself.

5. When fear is holding you back: Part of letting go and moving on is facing the disappointments and mistakes of your past. I have been divorced for about six years now and a question I am always asked is why I have not moved on to another relationship after all this time; at first, I used my children and work as my excuse but I soon realized that I was letting my fear of having another narcissistic abusive partner hold me back from moving forward with a new partner. Whether it is a business or a partnership, you cannot let the bad experiences you have had in the past deter you from reaching your full potential and manifesting the dreams you have for your life.

6. When you are still living in your past: Sometimes we allow ourselves to develop these unrealistic expectations of ourselves, family members, friends, businesses, relationships, etcetera, and when these expectations are not met, we complain about what could have been and how we could have changed our past situations. If you do not allow yourself to let go of the sadness and pain from your past, you will never be able to move forward in your manifestation journey.

7. When you are holding grudges: Old grudges are only capable of hurting you if you allow them to. A grudge I remember having to let go of was one I had been holding against my brother and my sister-in-law; my brother had refused to let me move out of the house until I got married while his wife made it very difficult for me while I lived there and even though I love my brother so much right now our relationship was very different. I had not lived in their house since 2005 but I let myself carry that negative energy for years and was allowing this past event to stop me from moving forward and achieving the life of success that I was manifesting for myself.

8. When you are only seeing the pain from an experience and not the lesson: Everything that happens in your life happens for a reason and if you only allow yourself to see the pain an event has caused you, you will not be able to learn any lessons from these situations. You have to learn to not just let go of the pain of your past but to also let go of the self-made expectations you could not meet and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. Let the pain go and embrace the lessons you learned from the experience instead.

Focus on the lesson, not the pain

During a recent visit to Pakistan, I was introduced to some relatives I had never met before and while I interacted with them I realized that even after being gone for 17 years, all these people still behaved the same way they did in the past. This was the universe showing me that even though I walk around trying my best to ignore it, most people behave badly and whether I believe it or not there will always be people whose energies are not good for me; this was a hard lesson for me to learn especially because it meant letting go of some people who were really close to me but unfortunately fit this description. Life has taught me that I cannot have blind faith in everyone and this lesson has saved me a lot of heartache for the future.

Tips on how to let go

1. Accept what happened and show gratitude for it: There is always some element of good that comes from a situation, no matter how bad the situation might have been. Bob Proctor once said ‘Whatever happens to you, there are equal amounts of good and bad’ meaning on your manifestation journey things are always balanced, if something good happens to you it is likely that something bad could happen to you as well. Accept reality as it is and show gratitude to the universe for the truth that you have now been made aware of.

2. Build some distance between the people you need to let go of: You need to build some distance between yourself and the people with negative energy in your life. There are people, for example family members or work colleagues, that you cannot completely avoid talking to completely so you can instead cut ties with them. Put some physical distance between you and them as well as energetic distance in order for you to recreate your relationship from a new angle.

3. Focus on what can be changed: In my case, I have been using Facebook as my primary platform for growing my business but now I am looking at other platforms which could help me expand better. You need to realise that when one door closes, the universe is always there opening other doors for you; let go of the closed door and focus on what can make your situation better and move you forward on your manifestation journey.

4. Be in control of your life: To truly let go, you need to claim ownership of your life. Do not let yourself live by other people’s views and standards, instead take responsibility for the events that are occurring in your life whether they are good or bad; I had to learn that if I could manifest the hurtful events I went through for myself then I could manifest wealth and prosperity into my life as well so I took personal responsibility for the bad of my past and refused to allow it define who I am today. Take personal responsibility for the events you are experiencing and make changes that will benefit your journey to wealth and elevate your positive vibration.

5. Be focused: Pay attention to the thoughts, words, and actions you are making and have positive conversations with your inner self to avoid manifesting negativity into your life. Everything that is showing up in your physical world externally is a direct reflection of what is happening in your inner world so take responsibility for the conversations you have with your inner self and focus on the positives to reap positive results.

6. Let go: Stop allowing yourself to associate with the people who radiate negative energy in your life, no matter who they are. Spend the limited time we have on earth with the people who spread positivity and make you feel good about yourself, not belittle you or make you feel like everything is wrong. If someone does not value who you are then you should not be spending the majority of your time with them.


Identify those people you need to let go of for you to move on and be happy with your life. Allow yourself to live in today, not in your past or in what your future will be because today is the moment that truly matters; your current life is the only thing that you can truly change so make sure to spend today thinking and manifesting positivity for your future self to enjoy tomorrow.

The virtues and vices of anger for your wealth

Virtues and Vices of anger in terms of wealth

Can anger be a virtue?

Let’s discuss the vices of anger and I will share a story with you relating the virtues of anger so we can all understand both sides when it comes to wealth.

There was this man that had a son and his son was very temperamental. He kept losing his temper so the father decided to teach his son a lesson in the best way possible. He made a pact with the boy that in order for him to start controlling anger, he needed to channel the anger in a different way. The father gave the son a task, that he should hammer a nail into the garden fence every time he loses his temper, they had a large garden fence and every time during the day when he lost his temper, the boy would hammer in one nail. At the end of the first week, he had hammered 37 nails into the fence, which wasn’t great.

He realized how awful it was and the effort it had taken him to hammer the nail directly into the fence and gradually he became aware of his behavior. He started controlling his anger, he found it a lot easier to control his anger than hammering nails into the fence. Gradually over the next few weeks, he began to control his anger as more and less nails went into the fence. It got to the point where he was no longer putting nails into the fence. He was quite happy and cheerfully went and told his dad that he was no longer putting nails into the fence because he could now control my anger.

The father was really pleased and said that was great but then he took his son out to the garden and said “Son look, now that you’ve put in all those nails, it is now time for you to remove them”. The son had to go back and pull out each of those nails from the fence. It took him a couple of weeks before he managed to take out the nails from the fence and again, he was very pleased with himself and he went and told his dad he has pulled all nails saying “I’ve now undone all the bad that I did” and the father said to him, “Interesting, let’s have a look”. So the father took the son back to the fence and showed his son that even though he had pulled out all the nails from the fence. Every single nail had left a hole behind which meant he could not undo the damage he’d done to the fence.

It was not repairable. All he could do was maybe put a filler in the fence, the wound will heal but the scar of it would still remain. This highlighted the fact that when you are angry and you say horrible things or do horrible things in a fit of anger, the emotional damage or the physical damage could heal up but unfortunately the scars and trauma from that anger remains, it highlights the importance of controlling your anger. I want you to understand anger on its own is not bad, everyone is allowed to be upset once in a while but the issue is the mode of expression.

What is anger?

Anger is just an emotion, the problem with anger is when you operate from a fit of anger, When you say or do things and behave in a way that can be damaging to you and other people when you are in a state of anger. There’s no way that you can say something mean to someone else without harming yourself, that’s just the law of the universe and how karma operates. So when you are acting on anger negatively, this is when you are wrong as anger on its own is an emotion that you can use.

Virtues Of Anger

When we are angry, we are actually operating from a space of defense, we are defending ourselves. We are defending our virtues, our beliefs, we’re simply defending something and usually when we get angry, we are threatened, if not consciously, then subconsciously and that’s why we behave and react or retaliate in that way. However, if you can become aware of what causes your anger or your trigger points, the same way this little boy in my story became aware of his anger and then began to control it.

If you can control your anger, you can turn that emotion into a powerful tool. So, one of the best things I found and this is not by my opinion alone, lots of psychologists and great thought leaders have said the same thing. Anger is something that you can use as a tool. If you get angry, if you are a temperamental person, I’m someone who’s highly emotionally charged and I do get angry but instead of acting on anger and behaving in a harmful manner to me and others, I choose to channel my anger in a different way. I choose to use my anger as a tool to push me forward in my goals and this is a virtue of anger. One of the best benefits of anger is when you use it to get to your goals faster, I find people becoming very lethargic or apathetic to their goals , to their life mission until they feel indignant or embarrassed or ashamed for some reason, some other emotion comes into place which makes them angry for being in that situation which actually is the push required for people to get moving.

Using myself as an instance, I was in a dead marriage. My marriage with Irfan had probably ended in the first year, we still went on to have a child in the second or third year, I can’t remember the exact year but the marriage was just based on the wrong things and overly compromising, the marriage wasn’t really there from beginning, but I still tried to make it work. 2015, I knew the marriage was over, It was a dead horse that I was beating. I was trying to make it work, and I knew it wasn’t gonna work and One of my cousins really kept saying “Girl, you need to end this, you need to end this”. I was so uncomfortable and miserable, a lot of abuse was melted out to me both physically (not so much) and emotionally, I was completely convinced by my ex that I was ugly, fat, stupid, and couldn’t handle money.

I was stuck in that marriage, I didn’t have sufficient motivation to leave, In march 2016 when i found out about his first affair, he convinced me that it wasn’t a general affair, it was just texting, that he would never cheat on me and I still believed him, the situation didn’t make me indignant enough to leave him, I was upset with him but not angry enough to leave him. So come 31st of August 2016, I caught him red-handed with his 19 year old girlfriend literally in bed with him, I look back at that time and I think that was when I was extremely angry, screaming, fuming and crying but that was something that I needed, I needed that anger to get out of that situation.

When I look back at that time, I’m grateful to him and that girl, whatever she did or didn’t do, I’m not judging her character at all but I’m forever grateful to her because if she didn’t come into the picture, if they didn’t do what they did, by the way, both of them lied to me when I first found out about the affair in March, I actually became friends with her thinking I was trying to help this young girl get into a better position because I thought this 42 year old man was manipulating the 19 year old. I guess I was very naive at the time anyway and I think I was betrayed by both of them, I still have no hard feelings towards her. I send her love and blessings because if it wasn’t for her, I would still be in that dead marriage, instead of thriving and having multiple seven figure businesses, I would probably be six feet under or most likely the asylum because I would have lost my faculties and had a mental breakdown by now.

I would have either been in deep depression or suicidal but that anger allowed me to have enough motivation to move out of that situation. This is why I think anger is a beautiful emotion. When you are angry, it gives you the fuel required for you to move most of the time. People get uncomfortable then they become comfortable being uncomfortable that they don’t move out of the situations, anger makes you indignant, ashamed, frustrated. If you’re angry, frustrated, ashamed, you will do something about it. You will shift away from those situations, and this is what anger can help you do. A situation can make you sufficiently angry to give you the motivation to take action. You already know you have to make a move but you are procrastinating, this is one of the best virtues of anger, If you act on anger, Yes you will leave holes in the fence, the damage you do when you are angry and upset can never be repaired but it causes you to move when done right.

When I’m angry, It’s my inner self telling me that I am not happy with the situation, that I need to make a change. This could be in your finances, your business and your career or even your relationship, it doesn’t really matter. It depends on you where you are and you are fully aware of it. You are never angry, because you’re angry, You do know why you’re angry, You are just refusing to accept it.

“I’m just an angry person. I get angry all the time.”

Why do you get angry all the time?

Why do people trigger you all this time?

There must be a reason, you have to become aware of what makes you angry and what the underlying reasons behind it are. I knew I wanted to be out of this marriage for a while, I was looking for a way out subconsciously, but consciously, I just thought I was going to make it work. This was my second marriage, I couldn’t leave. I didn’t want the kids to grow up without a father. I was going to make it work but it was a horrible marriage and he was an awful dad.

He is better now but then he wasn’t there for his children, i knew this man was absolutely an awful husband and equally bad as a father, yet I stayed in the marriage thinking because i didn’t want my second marriage to spoil. The point is that anger gave me motivation, I remember when I was younger I was really angry at my father and I channeled my anger towards education and also when I was angry at my brother too, my brother when we were a lot younger was a juvenile delinquent, he did everything under the sun that he could possible imagine putting my mother through hell.

My brother did everything wrong and because I got so annoyed, upset and angry with him, I channeled that anger and the anger towards my father cheating on my mother and remarrying and not giving us any financial support, I channeled this anger I felt towards them into my work. I was extremely motivated to be different, to ease my mother’s heartache. I studied so hard that even though I’m dyslexic and I couldn’t read a full sentence until I was 11 or 12 years old in high school, I didn’t let that stop me, I carried on and as I grew older, I was able to compensate for my dyslexic habit or dyslexia.

Therefore, my grades became better because I was able to have better bridges, I studied hard, I was able to study because I had the motivation. Now I’m one of the most ambitious people I know, when I look back and think about it, for someone in their early 20s, a teenager, I was really ambitious. Why? Again my passion came from my anger and I wanted to prove to my father that I didn’t need his money. I could make money on my own so I was highly motivated to succeed. I was going to make it, I was going to become extremely successful or die trying and that’s what I did. I became extremely successful, both in my career and in my finances and now in my current career and business as well, my anger comes from the passionate side.

I am an extremely passionate person, I am passionate about money, abundance and about teaching people about abundance. This is where my passion comes from, my passion also means I can be angry. I do get angry, because I feel very strong emotions towards certain things but instead of getting angry at people, I channel that anger into constructive action and this is why I succeed. So I’m telling you that there are virtues in anger and I am a prime example. Yes, I still need to control my anger better and I’m working on it but nine times out of 10, if something makes me angry, it makes me take action at a greater level and I far exceed my competitors because I am so passionate, and because I am so angry about something.

I don’t want you to look upon anger and say, that’s a negative emotion and I shouldn’t get angry, I ask you to embrace every emotion that comes to service, I encourage it. If you are angry, don’t do self-destructive things, we are going to channel anger into action, and that actually is gonna get you closer to your goals.

A lot of times when you get stuck in procrastination, the best way is to become indignant about something is to be angry at something, this is a way for you to be so annoyed and upset you are moved to take action which you should have done two years ago and this is why there are virtues in anger, but we cannot ignore the fact that anger has vices.


I hope you look upon your emotions of anger with a different light and you realize that you can actually channel your anger into taking greater action and that greater action will bring greater wealth to you. You cannot direct it to people because if you direct it to people , then you will lose, direct it at constructive action, which allows you to get close to your goals.

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