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Month: December 2022

Expect Miracles and Blessings

Today we will be discussing the importance of expecting miracles.

Expecting miracles is important for manifestation

No matter the perspective you have towards manifesting your life of success, you need to expect miracles and have faith in the expectations you are nursing. When we as humans are pregnant there are scans and tests which act as evidence to prove the presence of a baby in its mother as well as the baby kicking and moving inside her; but for an animal like the eagle, the mother has to sit on her egg for about thirty-five days waiting for her baby to appear, with no form of confirmation that there is something in its egg until the thirty-fifth day when it hatches.

This is the same thing that happens with your manifestations, there are some situations when there is evidence of improvement, for example when you are healing from a previous illness even when you have not completely recovered from it yet. Unfortunately, there are times things do not work out the way you expect them to, especially when it comes to financial situations but if you are expectant of your miracle and you firmly hold on to your faith in divine energy then you do not need to be afraid of what is to come.

Whenever you are going through something, you have the choice to either lean into fear or lean into faith; the devil wants you to lean into fear and does everything in his power to convince you that you cannot achieve your dreams and you should give up on them while faith will always want you to know that God is on your side and that miracles will happen for you as long as you keep believing that divine energy will come through for you.

Fear vs Faith

There is always an internal battle in our minds between fear and faith. Usually in my line of business, I meet a lot of people who failed in their entrepreneurial journeys not because they lack the talent or charisma but because they lack faith in divine energy. Before any dream is manifested, there is always a period of darkness when it feels like divine energy is silent on the situation you are going through; my mother used to say ‘the darkest part of the night is just before dawn’ so when God is about to do something great in your life, you might experience a period of equal difficulty but as long as you hold on to faith and expect miracles during these adversities divine energy will come through for you.

Most people easily hold on to faith when things are going well and they are not facing any form of difficulty but the moment a situation starts to look impossible, they allow fear to take control of their minds. They go into victim mode, believing that divine energy is no longer working in their favor and that manifestation that was close to being fulfilled no longer comes to pass because of their self-inflicted negativity. Steve Harvey once explained that for most people, the delivery of their manifestation to their doorstep is cutoff by living in a state of doubt so it is during these moments of doubt that you should instead believe that your miracle is on its way and hold on to faith that divine energy is making ways for you. When it seems like nothing is going right; hold on to faith in universal energy, expect them to create miracles for you and your miracles will show up for you.

Show faith first

Most of the time people say they will have faith only when they begin to see physical evidence. As a former lawyer my natural instinct is to rely solely on the evidence in order to believe something but when it comes to the supernatural, having faith comes first before your manifestation can appear in the physical world especially when there is proof that universal energy is working for you. There are some aspects of my life that I am currently manifesting that I have no physical evidence of but I speak about them like they are already happening; I have complete faith in divine energy and I know that when it is time, my miracle will come. So no matter what I am manifesting in my life I know that it is coming whether it comes tomorrow or in ten years, I have faith that God will always work things out in my favor and whenever I have any doubts I lean on this faith and belief.

I have various responsibilities I handle and people I need to support and because of how sensitive a person I am, I end up having to handle my numerous emotions while dealing with all these duties I have but it is my continuous faith in divine energy that constantly keeps me going no matter the obstacles. In life, there will always be issues to deal with and hurdles that you need to face, your job is to continuously speak miracles into your life and hold on to faith that universal energy will make a way for you. I live my life continuously expecting miracles whether it is in my business, my relationship, my daughter’s GCSE exams, or my son’s school selection, no matter what the situation is I always expect miracles and I always expect divine energy to come through for me. Call these miracles into your life at every opportunity and thank universal energy for their constant support, opportunities, grace, and everything you are manifesting for yourself knowing God has a plan for you.

Expect miracles and speak them into your life. It is not possible to be happy and positive one hundred percent of the time but apply the eighty/twenty rule, expect miracles and own a positive vibration eighty percent of the time, and when those overwhelming feelings occur during the twenty percent take a break. Do not allow yourself to verbalize your fears or worries but instead talk to universal energy and cry if you need to, whether they are tears of gratitude to God or they are tears from being so overwhelmed by your situation. The easiest time to create negativity in your life is when your emotions are high and it is during these periods that you must stop yourself from verbalizing fear into your life so as not to pull darkness into your physical world.


Ask universal energy for help in that dark moment and give yourself the space to feel these emotions without speaking and dwelling on them. Do not allow yourself to stay in that dark place and once you have let all the sad emotions out, know that God has heard you and is solving your problems. You have the power to speak miracles for yourself but you need to expect them first and ask divine energy to help you in both your high and low moments. Start expecting miracles that will take you to the next level with ease because expecting miracles are essential for your miracles to show up.

Why Expectations are Necessary to Successfully Manifest Your Wealth

Today we are going to be discussing expectations and how important positive expectations are on your journey to creating wealth and abundance.

What are Your Expectations?

An expectation is something that you believe is 100% going to happen in a certain way. They involve things that do not require you to hope or wish because, to you, there is already a definite result, for example expecting the sun to rise the next day or expecting your body to breathe out after breathing in. When you are manifesting something for yourself, whether it is a new job or house or wealth etcetera, it is important that you are also internalizing them and positively expecting these things to come to pass in your life. The more you look at your vision board and do not believe it, the more negative energy your doubts are sending into your atmosphere which eventually causes these fears to be created instead of your manifestations.

My daughter is currently preparing for her GCSEs and as a parent, I have been very persistent about what she needs to do and what she needs to study more but she surprised me one day when she explained that my constant worrying was only putting fear and negative emotions in her instead of having positive expectations for the outcome like I always advise. She made me realize that I had allowed myself to go into fear mode and my constant badgering about her needing to study harder and trying to push her more was only instilling that fear I was having about not doing enough for her as a parent onto her; now all I do is encourage her and constantly let her know how proud of her I am no matter her results, feeding her all my positive expectations instead.

Do Not be Afraid

The more desires you have, the more fear you allow yourself have about not accomplishing said desires. Someone asked me once why the desires you want the most are the hardest to manifest and I explained to them, like I am now explaining to you, that when you truly want something there is always that fear of not being able to achieve it or create it for yourself and unfortunately, some of us allow ourselves to lean into these fears rather than the faith and belief we should be having in our dreams. This is what causes us to have negative expectations rather than positive ones and eventually leads to these fears becoming our realities.

I was talking to one of my clients and she asked why she was able to manifest everything else she wanted for herself but not a partner, I explained to her that usually if you can create one area of your life, you can work on all other areas of your life. However, if you find that you are unable to manifest desires easily in a certain area of your life, it is very likely that you have some negative energy/emotions attached to this particular area. In her situation, she was dealing with past emotional trauma from her ex-husband and this was making her push the energy for having a potential partner away from her life in order to prevent her from experiencing heartbreak and betrayal again; it was not her inability to properly manifest a partner but rather her fears from her past experiences that were stopping her from leaning into the positive expectations for this goal even though she was able to overcome her other fears and accomplish all the other desires she had for herself.

Stop Creating the Opposite of Your Manifestation

The desires we want the most are usually the ones we have the most trauma attached to and the stronger our fears concerning these goals are, the more likely it is for the opposite of our manifestation to be actualized. Instead of leaning into faith, we allow fear to cloud our atmosphere which makes us unable to maintain the positive expectations of our manifestations; we lean into the opposite of what we desire and then end up blaming universal energy when our manifestations do not come to pass.

In both the Bible and the Quran, there are various examples of God revealing that he treats you how you expect him to meaning that God wants every one of us to have positive expectations of him. If you believe that God has all these amazing plans for you then why are you allowing yourself to lean into fear? I have found that a lot of religious people have become this way; prayers and reading religious texts have become more about fulfilling a daily ritual and less about the positive expectations that one should be having about these prayers, they bring their requests as empty words and leave without the faith that divine energy will answer their prayers. Why would you ask something from universal energy and expect them not to hear it? In every religious text I have come across, God always says if you ask he will give unto you but you need to truly believe and expect that he is going to give these things you desire to you or you will not receive them.


Even when your desire seems delayed, you have to trust in divine timing and that universal energy in their wisdom will give you what you have manifested for yourself. If you already know how to manifest the dreams you have then you are not dreaming big enough; start making impossible goals for yourself, goals that can only be solved by divine intervention and by universal energy’s involvement. Have positive expectations for these large impossible desires and watch your manifestations become reality in your physical world.

God is always there to help you but he will only help you based on your expectations. If you have a desire but do not believe and expect that universal energy is truly capable of creating this impossible manifestation for you then you will never be able to achieve that desire. The stronger your emotional connection and positive expectation towards a goal is, the faster your manifestation shows up for you in your physical world whether in a few minutes or a few years. The Law of Attraction will only give what you are expecting back to you, not what you are wishing or hoping for so believe in your dreams and in the plans divine energy has for you and let your positive expectations shape your goals into your new reality.

Do Not Tell God What You Can Not Do

Today we are going to be discussing how you need to stop telling divine energy what you cannot do and instead start listening to them telling you all the things you can do.

Allow yourself to dream bigger

During my mastermind, I often ask people what they would like to manifest and something that stood out to me after listening to their answers was that most of us only allow ourselves to dream a little bit bigger than our current situations. And because of how comfortable and digestible these little dreams are, we do not allow ourselves to even envision anything bigger for our lives.

The reason we do not allow ourselves to dream bigger is that we do not truly believe that we can create miracles nor do we believe that divine energy is ready to give us the supernatural help we would need to manifest magnificent goals. Most of the people who invested in things like cryptocurrency and ended up forming companies like Canva and Uber have become billionaires over the space of a few years because they decided to dream big and found themselves in the right place at the right time.

We do not acknowledge our dreams because to us these dreams are too far away from where we are currently; For example, you find it impossible to ever fathom earning two million dollars because you are currently making only two thousand dollars from your job however you need to understand that the universe does not work with numbers but rather recognizes your energies and beliefs around your goal. Therefore, the more you believe you can achieve a larger goal, the more divine energy would create situations to achieve said goal for you.

You need to believe in your dreams

It is not just enough to dream; you must also believe in these dreams and listen to the conversations universal energy is willing to have with you. These conversations come to you in the form of desires and goals and God brings them to you this way in order for you to grow and materialize these desires in the physical world.
Unfortunately, when these desires come we allow ourselves to be intimidated by them and question whether or not it is actually possible for them to come to pass; We do not allow ourselves to even dream these desires into fruition. Personally, I am guilty of doing this and I began to think about these things when I realized that I had spent my time talking about cars I would like to attain yet I have never once sat to visualize my private jets, even though I have one on my vision board and it is something I want for my future. By doing this, I have allowed my current situation to put limitations on myself and instead pushed this desire onto my future self instead of visualizing and emotionalizing these desires regardless of the income and situation I am currently in now.

When these big desires come, most people either refuse to acknowledge these God-given dreams or push them into the future for their future selves to deal with. We find all sorts of excuses and reasons to look at it later in life, and this is because as humans we hide behind our self-made safety nets to protect ourselves from the possibility of failure. Because it is not something that can be attained now, we push it into the future and then allow ourselves to forget about them once they are not in our minds continuously. You begin to think that these dreams are too much for you, too unachievable for you, and instead allow yourself to push them away, forgetting about and limiting yourself only to the small goals within your comfort zone.
How long will you allow yourself to put your desires on hold because of what you are currently seeing in your physical world?

Your dreams and desires are not too big

Divine energy will always give you the desires that you can handle and whether you believe it or not, you already have the skills needed to fulfill these desires and create this reality within you. However you have to believe in them and believe that these things really can happen for you, your dreams are not too big!
Stop telling your God how big your problems are and start telling your problems how big your God is. Universal energy can create anything you could ever imagine but they need you to make that move of belief so that everything they have planned for you will fall into place.

When you make a move, you know that even when you make a mistake there is still room for you to change directions and improve on your desire. However, the moment you allow yourself to be frozen by the enormity of these goals, you lose hope in yourself and in divine energy. This is the reason a lot of people are wallowing in mediocrity and eventually fall into situations of lack and scarcity.

Leaving your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is that point where you have allowed yourself continuously become comfortable with being uncomfortable, it is the box you have placed yourself in because you believe you are too small to achieve the big dreams and desires that God has in store for you. This box -this comfort zone- will not lead you to a wealthier life; you have to consciously break out of this comfortable place, and to get out of this box you need to think and dream bigger for yourself!

You have the ability to create anything you desire because divine energy has already given you all the skills, abilities, and resources you would need to fulfill these desires. I was told a story once of a husband who was trying to answer his wife’s questions about creating her own reality but was unable to within his ability so he was reached out to by another man who was willing to help explain it to her, the other man advised him to place a 20$ bill in his wife’s book in order to solve her problem so he did. During the next lecture, the wife once again stood up full of questions and gently, the man asked her to open her book and hand him a 20$ bill. The wife continuously protested, insisting she had no money on her person at all, and ended up being annoyed and agitated even as the man gently asked her to just check her book and hand him the bill, finally she opened the book just to prove to him that there was nothing there but instead ended up surprised to find the 20$ bill in it. The man then explained this point to her which I believe is also applicable to all of us; if the universe is continuously repeating a desire to you it means that you already have the skills and resources you would need to fulfill these desires, even if you are unaware of it, so instead of arguing and complaining it is your responsibility to open your heart and search within yourself for these gifts instilled in you to achieve these dreams.


You are a creative being born with all sorts of skills and abilities to achieve these amazing desires for your life. Even though they may be latent or underdeveloped, God knows you have the ability to do so much more than you could ever imagine which is why they always believe in you, you have to now accept this and believe in yourself and God’s plan for you.

Instead of telling God what you cannot do, listen to what God is telling you that you can do. The moment you develop the belief that you have all the skills and resources you need to achieve whatever desire you might have, everything will rapidly begin to fall into place in your physical world. Your belief comes first while your manifestation comes second. As long as you believe in yourself and you believe that divine energy would never give you a desire that is impossible for you to achieve, you can create anything and everything you could ever imagine! Accept it, believe it, and act on it!

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