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Three Steps To Manifesting Wealth

Today let us talk about the three steps you need to fulfill to manifest your wealth. As you must all know by now, I am a firm believer in simplicity and not overcomplicating situations. The simpler the solution to a problem is, the better it is for me and the more application it can have; Here are the three steps to manifesting anything you want in your life:

Step One:

Be very clear about what you want. Too many people say they want things but are unsure about them and it is this uncertainty that does not allow their manifestations to come to pass. Do not put limitations on yourself; the desires you truly want are coming to you from your higher self via divine energy so they are not just random events that are occurring in your mind’s eye.

If you truly have a desire for something then you have the talents and abilities to make that dream your reality in your physical world, you just have to work out how to acquire the skills to hone these gifts. Divine energy will never give you a desire if you do not have the talent for it – be it a dormant one or an active one. Be sincere with yourself about what you truly want, write these desires down, allow yourself to stay aware of these desires, and take them one step at a time till you have completed all the goals on your list.

Step Two:

Believing that you can have these clear desires you have written for yourself. No matter the dream that you are manifesting for your life – whether it is to make a million monthly, to have a new car, a new partner, a new house etcetera – if you do not have the conviction that it is already yours, then it will never be manifested. You can wish for something over and over again but unless you strongly believe it you will never be able to attain it; bypass the difficulties of your physical world and do not allow them to dissuade you from the strong convictions your higher self has made.

The problem most people have with manifesting is having that unshaken belief in their desires, if you do not instill this belief inside of you that you will achieve this dream then you will only end up being someone who continuously wants but never ends up achieving. You have to have the certainty that what you have dreamt of has already been given to you, only then will these desires begin to manifest for you in your physical world.

There is an old saying that goes ‘if you can see it in here, if you can believe it in here, you can hold it in here’ but knowing it in here and believing it in here are two different things, unless you have that inner belief that everything will work out for you then it will never come to pass.

When you come from this energy, things will always work in your favor. If there is something you truly desire then you need to develop the conviction for it first; manifesting tools that can help you get rid of doubts and instill these convictions inside of you include the mirror exercise (my personal favorite), daily affirmations, vision boards etcetera. Something I teach beginners of my mastermind class is having a manifestation roadmap; we get on a call together, I give them my favorite techniques, we discuss what they truly desire, and techniques we use daily in order to turn these beliefs into convictions in daily lives.

Step number two is usually the hardest because it is during this phase that your limiting beliefs interfere and this negative energy towards money creates uncertainties and pushes whatever you desire away from you. People who try to use the law of attraction in their favor but do not have the belief in their desires end up battling with their inner programming who is sending negative energy into the universe by just wanting without conviction.

There’s a difference between wanting and desiring; When you want something and you are radiating energy that is a lack of it, it does not exist in your life at the moment. When you desire it, you cannot only want it but you must also instill the belief that you already have the things you are manifesting. The laws of the universe are very specific and will only work for you if you understand them, for example, the laws of gravity cannot be stopped no matter how much you want them to but when you understand the laws then you will know how to make them work for you.

Using the right manifesting techniques, you instill the belief and turn that belief into conviction over some time, the longer it takes you to turn that belief into conviction, the longer it will take for you to bring whatever you want into your into your three-dimensional world.

Step Three:

Listen to your intuition. When you have instilled the belief that you can achieve your desire inside of you, you will create opportunities and situations that will help you accomplish these goals and then take inspired action from your inner thoughts.

Before you make any decision, take time to stop, sit down, meditate, and think it through before reacting; never take action without being inspired.

What do you feel inspired to do? What do you feel is the next step for you to create this desire in your physical world? As important as step number two is, if you do not take action to support your conviction then your manifestation will not happen for you at the rate it is supposed to.


Figure out what you desire, turn your belief into a conviction that what you desire is already available to you without any form of doubt, and then take action to see what you are inspired to do to bring that desire into your physical world.

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