Learning about money vibrations can help you understand how to tap into it.

In my previous blogs, I’ve shared about the universal laws of money and how we can raise our vibrations.

Today I will talk about money vibrations, how you can improve your relationship with money, and how to let go of toxic money. 


money vibrations


The Three Parameters of Money Vibrations


One of the core principles of the Law of Attraction is everything vibrates in a particular frequency. 

And you attract whatever you are in harmony with.

According to Chopra, vibration is the state of your being. And you have the power to tap into the vibration you want.

So today let me tell you about the three types of money vibrations.


Low Vibration Money


low money vibrations


Low vibration money is the money you get illegally. It might come from cheating, lying, or bribes. 

The problem with low vibration money is it comes with all the guilt, whether you like it or not.

It might seem like a white lie or something accidental that you do. It might also be something that you think doesn’t create any impact in your money story.

But truth is, you can taint your high vibration money with this energy.

For example, you are working in a government office. But then you get a situation where you’re asked to do something you’re not comfortable with. 

Or you were told to be quiet in exchange for a higher pay grade.

You might think it’s good to get the extra cash for the bills you need to pay. It might also be possible that you’re used to receiving these “favors” in exchange for the silence.

But in the end, the universe can get back to you in surprising ways.

What’s worse is, it can taint the money that you’re earning honestly.

And the thing is our subconscious is powerful. Your higher self will always know when you are doing something wrong.

So if you wrongfully attract money it will also attract low vibration emotions such as stress, anger, and fear. 

And in return, this money won’t bring you happiness. 


Neutral Vibration Money


neutral money vibrations


This is money you earn honestly whether through your own business, a job, or allowance from a parent or partner. 

Neutral money can go both ways. It can go high or low depending on how you respond to it.

The challenge with new money is the same. It also grows depending on how you feel.

Since neutral money comes from a limited source, it has the tendency to cause negative feelings to those who get it.

Let’s say you’re getting income from your parents or an inheritance. This may cause feelings of guilt since you don’t have much control over the amount you’re getting

For business owners, running a business can be tiring and frustrating. And the returns can be disappointing especially when you’re just starting out.

This can cause you to resent your job or your business. And that’s when neutral money becomes toxic.

When you no longer enjoy what you do to earn money, the energy changes.

You can keep on doing what you do to get the money but it no longer makes you happy.


High Vibration Money


high money vibration


This is the ideal vibration of money you would want to tap into. 

High vibration money means you’re receiving happy money. And when I talk about happy money, we’re talking about you having fun with how you get it.

When you are passionate about your business or your job that you just keep on attracting good energy. And this will result in an abundance of your money. 

The problem is, it can get difficult to sustain that satisfaction and happiness around money. Those who pursue their passions understand what I mean by this. 

Take, for example, you get your dream job with the best pay. You finally close the deal you’ve always wanted. You find your best clients and earn well in your business.

At first, you feel great. Everything goes perfect, and you’re having the time of your life.

But then the challenges start to come in. Maybe you change roles, office politics happen, or your manager becomes difficult.

Then burnout happens. You get tired and struggling with the tasks. And the high vibrations of money go lower until it becomes toxic money.

Money vibrations change overtime. That’s why you always need to keep things in check to make sure you maintain your happiness and satisfaction with money.


The Truth about Monetizing your Passion 


Let me tell you a story. 

I have experienced toxic money firsthand. I was financially dependent on my ex-husband at one point. 

And as our relationship worsened, my emotions towards taking money from him worsened as well.

And my relationship with money turned into toxic money. It got to a point wherein I used to be able to earn a good amount of money in my 20’s but couldn’t even make 100 bucks in my 30’s.

Toxic money takes away your money-making ability and keeps it in lock and key. 

So, you have to work through it to start attracting money again.

How do you do this? Monetize your passion.

If you are doing something you love to earn money, then you are also creating an environment for money to go in a higher vibration.

In my case, being a money mindset coach has got me at my highest vibration parameter. 

I have other means of creating income such as being an amateur trader and I could probably create more money with that it doesn’t matter. But since I am so passionate about money then this is what’s giving me abundance. 

I feel strongly about money and helping people change their mindsets towards money. And if you feel this way towards your job or your craft then you will attract high vibration money.

As a result, not only will you be abundant in terms of money you will attract good health and relationships as well. 

And I promise you, it will feel like you’re not working a day in your life.


Energy Clearing Tips to Increase Money Vibrations


So how do you keep your money vibrations high? You need to manage your energy around it.

Negative energy will only affect your money vibrations negatively as well. And you need to clear the negative energy around your money. 

Here are some of the best ways to clear your energy around money.


money vibe


Get grounded 


Focus your breathing and close your eyes. Imagine a light engulfing your whole body. 

Remember that you can permit what will attach to you. Permit positivity. Permit abundance. 

Once you start feeling stressed and worried about your money, try to do this. 


Cord Cutting


As humans, we find ourselves attached to people and places. 

We attach ourselves to them through a cord of connection. Imagine the cord connected to you and how it can get and give you energy.

If you attach to someone or something that is of negative energy, you will attract this energy as well.

We have to let go of attachments that will negatively affect us. Stand still and imagine cutting off the cords that no longer serve you. 


Clear and cultivate your energy


In yoga, we always start and end with “namaste hands.”

With your palms together in a prayer position, you are expressing that what you have released stays out and what you invite stays. 

When you are feeling frazzled by your finances, start to think happy thoughts and let go of what negative emotions you may have towards it. 

Press your palms together and keep those negative emotions out.


Cleansing your body


Treat your skin as a symbol of your energy.  You have to take care of it and keep it healthy.

Giving your body the self-care it needs.

You can eat right, exercise, and cleanse. It will equate to you giving your energy the care it needs too. 

Take care of your body, and energy and in return, they will take care of you.


Knowing your boundaries


Choose what you say yes and no to because whatever it is you choose to do requires a certain amount of your energy.

We all tend to say yes to things we don’t like doing in fear of judgment or upsetting someone. But doing something you don’t like will drain your energy. 

But of course, saying no also comes with responsibility. It is not just everything you don’t want to do has to be within reason as well.

You are responsible for your energy and what you do with it. So always know your boundaries. 

With a few simple reminders, we can also raise our vibrations towards money.

How we earn and spend money is a reflection of how much energy we put behind doing these things. 

We also have to remember how we feel about money can affect our money-making abilities. Be mindful of how you talk about money. 

If we protect our energy, we are protecting our money as well. 




Money vibrations can flow in the direction you want.

And everything starts with your emotions around money.

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