Client Success Stories(Mastermind)

Client Success Stories

I feel very grateful for meeting the most amazing people in the last 7 months! So many incredible things have happened for me. I have met Shannon Garrison Negi with Embracing The Brilliance who started coaching me. She has given me great insight and direction. I learned a clear path to teaching, attracting, and creating several paths of income. Shannon Garrison Negi has also introduced me to Gull Khan who has changed my money Mindset! I’m not talking The Secret kind of stuff but something that has tremendous changes in my life. I was working at The Ridge gulf course last year up until August last year. This was to help supplement my income as a business owner. This was extremely counter productive! I went from fearing what is next to looking forward to what is next. My clientele have shifted to the client I want to attract and love. Money now comes to me easy! I have changed my income every month in a much larger scale. We had a goal of at least $20k to provide as a down payment this year by Feb or March. We weren’t sure how we were going to get there but I followed my path I laid out with my coach. I didn’t fear the unknown. We came across a brand new home and it was crazy what a gift it was to us! The house was a spec and $100k less than the list price. We received some fantastic inclusions that we are so appreciative to have. I have become extremely busy in my business and love all of the projects I am working in! The $$ necessary for a down payment in a couple of weeks has come to my business and with ease!

I can’t began to tell you how excited I am on this path! The great ways I can help others and volunteer with my time and money. I love that I can sleep good at night! Our trips allow us to enjoy family time and experiences. Now I can change my children’s mindset and shifting their energy!

Kristy Smith


Gull’s teachings are amazing. I followed her steps and saw immediate results by day 2 of the mastermind challenge. Her energy is a ray of light and her stuff WORKS!!!

Brigette Love


Had my session with Gull and I have to say she is an energy wizard! I found her tool for cutting ties with someone who was leeching my energy – excellent. I had a huge breakthrough in being able to break free without second guessing myself that it was time to cut loose from this person. But more than the tools and her expertise, I believe it’s Gull’s own energy that makes her so powerful,unique ; inimitable and compelling. She is compassionate , non- judgmental, hilarious and kind. To me she exemplifies INNER AND OUTER WEALTH which is not easy to come by.

Gull got right down to the nitty gritty of what was hidden from my awareness with lightening speed and helped me to see clearly exactly what needed to shift. I am very careful who I allow to work on my energy and found Gull to be highly respectful and sensitive to this. I’m on the case with her recommendations and hugely grateful. Thank you lovely Gull.

Louise Smart


She is a super powerful women having lots of divine energy. I have been a part of one of the group and that changes me a lot of difference in my life. All her videos are amazing and its influenced not only me but also others. I highly recommend to watch her videos if you havent been gone through yet. In my opinion She is one if the top energy and money healer in the world. Thanks Gull for adding me a part of your group♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏

Kris Nair


I’ve just completed the Millionaire Mindset 5day Challenge and felt truly uplifted throughout… today I had the abundance clearing call and found the experience really moving, despite believing myself to be an emotionally tough cookie, I was really moved by the experience and revelations through this call. Gull is really talented at being able to tap into the core issues. I’m looking forward to working with her to break through those issues. I feel like the process of change has already begun. Gull has opened up my mind to new possibilities where I thought there were none. If you’re feeling stuck and needs some change I would really recommend some time with Gull.

Tigi Ghaffar


This is a recommendation for coaching with Gull Khan.

2 years ago I invested 11 thousand pounds with a renowned marketeer/law of attraction personality who has worked alongside unleast one big name from the movie “The Secret”.

The coaching was for just over a year. Having only 2/3 skype calls in 2 months, he created a number of excuses not to call me as we originally agreed…this carried on for a few months, and then he completly went AWOL.

What I learned from him was non originality from ideas he presented, and not worth the price he commanded.

In comparison Gull khan’s 5 day free challenge was 100 times more effective. If this is 5 days, I can only wonder what the progress will be for clients at the end of their coaching experience..

I will now whole heartedly suggest to others to take the limited opportunity of the personal one to one phone call with her, it’s a great opportunity to finally decipher your money making journey…

Having already experienced the call myself, it is straight to the point, no jargon no complications

why I recommend coaching:

*Original Techniques


*Easy access to reach her

* Fine tweaking your Goal.

*Creating powerful mindset

*Emotional resonance to ongoing success

Asgar Mozaic

Client Success Stories (Bootcamp)

Kalyani sells her condo within 4 days for $128K profit after working with Gull

Nisha reinvents herself and successfully launches her online program

Sidra was finally able to demolish her debt and start to accumulate money after working with Gull

Leonor’s business has more clients then she can handle after working with Gull

Individual Client Success Stories

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