Setting intentions is a critical part of creating powerful goals.

Most people think that intention and goals are the same.

But if you think about it, there’s a huge difference between the two.

Today, I’ll be talking about the magical powers of setting intentions daily, and how it can get you to true wealth and abundance.


Setting intentions


Intentions Vs. Goals


Intentions and goals have been used interchangeably to describe how you’re focusing on your desires and finding ways to make it happen.

But if you think about it, intention and goals have totally different meanings.

Intentions come from the Latin word intendre or intentio which means stretching or purpose.

Meriam Webster also defines intention as what one person means to accomplish. It implies more than what a person has in mind to do or bring about.

On the other hand, goals are often defined as a limit or boundary.

It is also defined as the end toward which an effort is directed.

Goals are focused on the outcome and the future. It’s the achievement, the destination that we want to be in.


goal setting


It is also the external results that you are looking for when putting together a thought process.

Intentions, on the other hand, is internal. It’s the energy you use in your consciousness to create action.

It involves the will you need to take action at the present moment so you could work on your goals.

Setting goals give you something to look forward to. It helps you set standards, milestones, and measurements to see if the steps you take meets your expectations.

Setting an intention, on the other hand, allows you to focus on the present and raise your energy.

Doing so helps increase your will and desire to achieve your goals.

While it’s possible to set goals without intentions, the results may not bring you the sense of satisfaction you’re expecting.

That’s why setting goals and practicing daily intention-setting go hand in hand.

Intentions highlight your values and create a sense of purpose, inspiration, and motivation to achieve your goals.


Why is setting intentions important?


new year's resolution


Surveys show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February,

And one of the biggest reasons why our resolutions fail is because of the pressure we feel around changing a new leaf.

There’s also the thing called ‘holiday remorse’, where we feel the guilt-driven response of holiday excesses like overeating or binging.

This guilt becomes the catalyst for the resolutions we create and fail at.

Since guilt is a negative emotion, these resolutions also produce negative results.

This also causes a deficit in your willpower and affects your self-worth.

So why is setting intentions more effective than setting goals alone?

Intentions are more powerful because it comes from our internal compass.

It goes deeper into our consciousness.

Intention setting directs us according to our values and morals. It requires your presence of mind and acts as a powerful reminder of our bigger purpose.

It also triggers introspection and balance.

Without intention, goals can seem superficial.


What are the examples of daily intentions?


When you set an intention every day, you’re training your mind to think of better ways to deal with stress.

Intention setting is like having a toolbox filled with solutions that let you manage and overcome daily roadblocks.

Here are some examples of daily intentions that help you achieve your long term vision and goals.


I intend to love myself unconditionally


setting intentions for self-love


Believing that you deserve self-love is a great way to start.

When you focus on your intention for self-love, it’s easier to practice forgiveness and gratitude.

Setting an intention for self-love helps you also become more receptive and self-reliant.

This means you feel comfortable with making mistakes and accepting failure as part of the process.

You also become more understanding and gentle to yourself. You begin to talk to yourself better, and let go of the unfair expectations you have. 


I intend to embrace the right process


Set an intention to be kind to yourself and embrace the right process to get to your goals.

Life comes in cycles, and every day you get to experience change and discomfort.

When you set intentions of embracing processes, you become more open to first time experiences and new things. 

Embracing cycles and processes also help you rediscover yourself and find new challenges. 


I intend to stop taking things personally


Setting an intention to stop taking things personally actually makes you feel so much better about yourself and others. 

Nowadays everyone has access to a computer or mobile device. And everyone also feels entitled to share what’s on their mind. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has the regard to think about what you feel about their opinions. 

And everyone tends to take even the small, specific things personally. 

When you allow yourself to be free of the weight of other people’s opinions, you make room for the things that truly matter for you. 

It lets you focus on what needs to be done and lets you achieve the goal you set faster. 


I intend to be productive and still get rest 


setting intentions for productivity and rest


Daily intentions can help you be more productive. 

It helps you create a roadmap and keep track of the tasks you need to do during the day. 

The right intentions can also help you increase the quality of your work and cut your creation time. 

But most of all, the right intentions also allow you to treat rest as an equally vital part of productivity. 

You need to allow your mind, body, and spirit to have time to breathe and reorganize. 

When you set the intention for balance, you also increase your sense of self-worth. 


Five Steps to Setting Intentions for Wealth and Abundance


Everything that happens around us begins with an intention. 

And when you set intentions towards the right goal, it becomes more potent and powerful. 

So here are five steps to powerful intention setting that you should be applying in your daily life according to Deepak Chopra. 


Slip into the gap 


Tap into pure awareness and go beyond the noise inside your mind through meditation. 

Meditating helps you go beyond the ego-mind and into the silence of pure consciousness. 

It also helps you go into the ideal state where you plant your seeds of intention into the three levels of your mind. 

Read more about it here:


Release your intentions and desires 


When you find this stillness, release your intentions and desires. Do this process after meditation when your mind is still open to all possibilities. 

Once you have stated your intention, do your thing and go on with your day. 

Repeat this process a few minutes every day.


Remain in a state of restful awareness




Intention works better when you function at a level of contentment instead of need. 

Don’t let other people’s doubt or criticism affect you. 

Trust your higher self and know everything will work in its perfect time. 


Detach from possible outcomes 


Detachment can be a positive thing, especially when you set specific intentions. 

Remember that attachment and expectations are based on insecurities and fears. 

When you detach from the outcome, you’re functioning on trust and the power of your true Self. 


Let go and let the universe handle it 


Speaking of trust, use your focus to set intentions and believing in the Divine Source Energy. 

Relinquish control and don’t listen to that small, cynical voice. The belief that there are things that move in faith and not logic, and you’ll be on your way. 




Setting intentions is all about functioning with your higher self. 

You can trust your gut while taking action to get your desired results. 

When you start practicing this, you’re expanding yourself to prepare for the wealth, abundance, and happiness you so deserve. 

Do you have any tips on how to set intentions and achieve the right results? 

Share them with us below. 

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