Do you want to know how to get rid of debt and finally live the life you’ve always wanted?

Most people are worried about debt. And most are always looking for ways to get rid of their debt. 

What most people don’t know is that debt has to do with your money mindset. It’s also related to the energy you assign to it. 

So today, we will be talking about how to get rid of debt and how to increase your wealth and abundance.


how to get rid of debt


Good debt vs. Bad Debt 


What comes to mind when you hear the word debt? 

Most would have a negative notion when it comes to debt. But like money, debt can also be good or bad. 

The adage, “It takes money to make money” comes into play when we’re talking about debt, especially with business. 

If it helps you to increase your net worth, then it’s good debt. 

For example, getting a loan to pay for your college tuition can be considered as good debt. Investing in yourself and your education can help you get better chances at work later on. 

Your college degree can get you the edge you need to compete in the workplace. And getting higher degrees can also increase your chances of promotion later on. 

Getting a loan to start a business is also a good example of good debt. And so is getting debt for homeownership. 

On the other hand, bad debt involves borrowing money to purchase assets that depreciate your net worth. 

These purchases usually don’t generate income but rather become a liability. 

For some, it’s buying the latest mobile phones. For others, it’s the shopping spree. Some get new car models that cost tons of money. 

Probably the worst form of bad debt is credit cards. 

A credit card in itself is neutral. But the way you use it can go either way. 

Most of the time people who use a credit card think of it as an extension of their cash. What they don’t know is that the interest rate is much higher than the rates on consumer loans. 

This behavior causes more problems. Instead of getting out of debt, it makes it more difficult for people to pay off their loans. 


Debt and your money mindset 


debt and money mindset


In my years as a money mindset expert, I’ve encountered so many clients with debt problems. 

Almost all of them didn’t have problems creating money. Actually, they were good at it. 

The problem was, most of them couldn’t keep the money they make. 

Despite having a good job and a steady income, these clients still struggle with credit card debt. 

Some struggle to pay off their college debt or house loans. 

Some find themselves out of debt for some time. But a few months later, they see themselves in debt again. 

It’s an unfortunate cycle, and it’s something we see happening all the time. 

And the reason behind this isn’t about the debt itself. It’s all about your mindset around money. 

Your energy and emotions are connected with how you deal with debt and money. 

And the reason why you can’t get out of it is that you feel you still don’t deserve it.

There’s a lot of fear and shame about debt. This is also the reason why it’s so difficult to get out of debt. 

We are sensitive to how we deal with our finances. It can get difficult to talk about finances and be transparent about it because we fear judgment. 

Remember the three levels of the mind? We have the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind. 

[Read more about the three levels of the mind here:]

Your conscious mind may have helped you create wealth and abundance. But in your subconscious, there’s still a part of you that believes you’re not good enough. 

It’s possible that you still doubt yourself and your worth. 

That’s why it’s difficult for you to pay off existing debts. And that’s why debt becomes such a stressful thing to address. 


Why you can’t get rid of your debt 


Most of the people I spoke with about their debts often have to deal with the negative emotions they have around debt. 

Some feel shame and guilt for having so much debt. Others feel anxious and insecure about how much money they accumulated and how much debt they’ve gotten as well. 

They also fear being judged for not managing their finances and still have debt despite the increase in their income. 

Let’s take accountants for example. 

Most accountants are geniuses when it comes to fixing other people’s books and finances. 

But when it comes to their own, it’s a nightmare. 


how to get rid of debt


This is because of the emotions they unconsciously attach to their own money and finances. 

Accountants can fix other people’s books because these books their emotions aren’t involved. Because of this, they can make logical decisions and come up with the best strategies. 

But when they deal with theirs, they are usually overcome with guilt, fear, and shame. 

If you’re not able to get rid of your debt, this means there’s still an energetic imprint of your past self. Your subconscious still believes you’re not worth the financial stability you so deserve. 

Negative feelings and emotions around debt are much stronger triggers compared to having savings. 

It can reflect deeper, darker shame and insecurities about ourselves. It can also trigger feelings of unworthiness and bring you down to lower vibrations. 

You might think of debt consciously or unconsciously and you might not be aware of these negative emotions. 

But when you focus on the anxiety caused by your debts, it will be what you manifest. 

This is also the reason why people can’t go beyond debt. Even if you clear your debt in a few months, your credit card would probably get maxed out again in a matter of time. 


Energy Clearings, Forgiveness, and Debt 


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your mindset and attitude around money is the product of all the experiences you’ve had in the past. 

Some of these beliefs may have been inherited from family and friends. Others may have been conditioned to you by society or other influences. 

But then, there’s also the universal law of money. Your wealth and abundance start with you. 

The same goes for debt. You have the power to take control of your finances and get rid of debt. 

A huge part of ending the debt cycle is to forgive yourself and clear your energy. 

Let’s talk about forgiveness first. 


debt and forgiveness


Your relationship with money relates to your emotions. And most of the time, we have negative emotions attached to money and finances.

So I’d like to remind you that money is neutral. It shouldn’t bring you pain or shame. 

You assign this emotional attachment, and you also have the power to remove it. 

You need to realize that you are not your past mistakes. You need to learn how to move forward and reshape your thoughts and emotions around money. 

One way to do that is through gratitude.

Focusing on gratitude increases your vibrations. It also helps you focus on the good things and reframes your perception. 

Forgiveness can open doors and clear up the negative energy that you have. It helps you let go and prepares you for better opportunities. 

When it does, you’ll find new and creative ways on how to get rid of your debt. 


How to get out of debt quickly


I’m not saying that a credit card is evil. Having a good credit line is what we’re aiming for.

The point of all this is for you to learn how to spend your money wisely and get rid of the blocks that prevent you from growing your net worth. 

I also want you to become debt-free in the shortest amount of time. 

The goal is to pay off the debt as fast as possible. And find the best ways you can start. 

Here are some ways on how you can get rid of debt and how to find ways to get out of debt that works for you. 


Use your credit card wisely 


debt and credit cards


Look for a credit card with the best interest rate. 

If you can, find ones that have a zero interest rate option and minimum payments that fit your budget.  

You can also look at refinancing higher interest cards so you could get a lower interest rate. 

It also makes sense for you to pay off your credit card with the highest interest rate first. These cards cost you more money in the end, so make sure to deal with it first. 


Set a budget and stick to it 


Create a budget and cut costs in all aspects of your life. 

Do a budget audit and see which parts of your current expenses you can do without. Start with the stuff you do for entertainment. 

Are you still paying for cable? How many subscriptions do you have that you don’t use? 

Check your grocery list and see which ones you can do without. Look for brands you can replace with much cheaper options. 

Assess the way you spend and see which ones you can do without. Try and keep things simple and live frugally. 


Sell some of your stuff 


debt and decluttering


Another way to get out of debt is to sell your stuff to get extra cash. 

Selling can give you a win-win situation. It helps you clear our space and gives you a way to keep living frugally. 

It can also help you let go of the negative energy that comes with the stuff you buy. 

Some people use shopping as therapy. Others buy things to impress others and improve their social status. 

Whatever your reason is, letting go of what you buy to make room for yourself can bring you peace of mind. 

It can also help you manage your debts better. 


How do I get out of debt with no money


But Gull, how do I get rid of my debt when I don’t have enough money to pay for it? 

You know what? I’ve been there before. I know how it feels to have no money coming in despite my achievements and talents. 

And I’m not sharing these things with you to judge you or your lifestyle. 

It’s not easy to take care of maxed-out credit card bills. And it takes time to completely get out of debt. 

I’m telling you these things because it can be done. You can pay off all your bills on time. 


debt free and happy


You can lessen your debts even without having the money. 

You can manage to pay off your college loan, that mortgage, and those past due credit card statements on your desk. 

And I can help you with that. 

All you have to do is follow three simple steps. 

  1. Identify what you feel about money. Doing so will help you know what to change and how to change it. 
  2. Create five accounts to help you let go of the guilt and shame you have around money. You can start with 1% for each account so you’ll have money to spend on debt, investment, larger purchases, or just to have fun.
  3. Increase the percentage as you go. Start with 1% then go as high as 5% as more opportunities come.

Learn all about how to increase your cash flow and get rid of debt here:




Learning how to get rid of debt takes more than having the money to pay off your debt. 

To get out of debt, you must first understand how you respond to it emotionally. 

When you understand it, you’ll be able to come up with the best and most logical solutions to get rid of debt. 

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