The law of prosperity tells us the absolute truth about abundance and wealth. 


It’s quite simple. You are the creator of your own prosperity.

You are in charge of how your future goes. 

Today, we will be discussing the law of prosperity and why imagination plays an important role in your abundance. 


the law of prosperity


What are the principles of prosperity?


The most important principle of prosperity coincides with the universal laws of money. It states that prosperity is the result of your thoughts and actions. 

You are the sole creator of your prosperity. All of your actions and intentions will impact your success.

Everything and anything you want to happen will happen as long as you act on it. 

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The Seven Powerful Principles of Prosperity discusses the different principles of prosperity quite well. These principles give us more information about how we can harness the power of prosperity in our lives. 

Here are the seven principles of prosperity. 


The Pareto Principle 


This principle is also called the 80/20 rule. 

In essence, it means 80% of the effects and results you get come from 20% of the effort you give. 


Parkinson’s Law


Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. 

In other words, one would assign time limits to their tasks and act according to the limits they set. 

So if you decide to work on a 1-minute task for five minutes, then you’ll spend five minutes finishing a one-minute task. 


Law of Averages 




The law of averages talks about probability and how it affects events and occurrences in the long run. 

No one experiences mishaps and despair all of the time. There will always be one event or situation that will at least give you happiness and fulfillment. 

In other words, experiencing six no’s on your proposal will likely give you a yes in the foreseeable future. 

The point is, you must keep on pursuing your goals consistently. All the adversities and challenges you’re experiencing will make the yes all the sweeter. 


Law of Association 


This law states that you are the average of five people you spend time with. 

So if you want to be successful, this means you need to hang around the right people who are enjoying success. 

The same will go if you choose to spend time with people who let their talents go to waste. 

You will never see your full potential if you don’t push yourself to do better. 

That’s why it’s essential for you to choose your company. They will have a huge influence on how you will attract money and prosperity. 


The Law of Giving 


The Bible often talks about the law of giving. This idea is repeated several times in both the old and new testaments. 

Even Jesus Christ talks about how blessed we are to give rather than receive. 

The book called The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann also talk about this principle in detail. 

Here’s a powerful quote from the book.

“All the great fortunes in the world have been created by men and women who had a greater passion for what they were giving — their product, service, idea… than for what they were getting.” 


The Law of Gratitude 


the laws of prosperity and gratitude


The law of gratitude coincides with affirmations. 

It says gratitude creates a strong rewiring of our thoughts. These affirmations become so powerful that it drives us to change deep-seated belief systems.

This principle also believes that there is an Almighty, a Divine Source, a God that provides you with all your needs. 

Gratitude brings people to believe that there is a God who loves them and provides for them. Because of this, they feel that they deserve the blessings they receive. 

This feeling of gratitude helps them be more giving towards others. They also do good things and pass on their blessings to others. 


The Creative Law of Prosperity 


The creative laws of prosperity talk about the power of imagination and desire to drive us towards our goals. 

This law requires you to create a strong compelling desire for something you want. 

Catherine Ponder discusses this concept in her book ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity’.

She said many want to be successful in life, but only a few succeed. Their strong desire was what made the difference. 

This longing to change the way they live became their greatest motivation to change their ways and upgrade their way of life. 


How do we receive prosperity from God?


Now you might be asking why I’m suddenly talking about God, Allah, the Almighty, and the Divine Source. 

In fact, in the past, I’ve always said that you are in control of your life. You are also in charge of the abundance that comes to it. 

But truth is, there is a higher being that provides for us


God provides prosperity


Your desire to be prosperous comes from a higher life force energy. 

Life in itself is a gift. Anything you want or have comes from God. 

This means the Divine Source Energy provides all things. The desires in your heart come from God’s will to make it your reality. 

And that desire comes alive through imagination. 


The Law of Prosperity and Imagination 


Your imagination is one of the most powerful tools that the Divine Source Energy has gifted you. 

It separates and elevates you from all of God’s creations. 

Through imagination, you are also given the power of creation. What you will, you desire, will be brought to life. 

The ideas that come from your thoughts can become your reality if you have the right motivation to make it happen. 

Now, this can go both ways. 

The world has a way to corrupt us. We’ve heard so many myths and misconceptions about the laws of prosperity and abundance. 

Some say these laws were meant to keep us from being greedy. It’s also meant to keep our attitude in check. 

But we as humans forget that there are absolute truths about life. 

The secret to true abundance and happiness is accepting that nothing can stop God from giving the desires of your heart. 

Nothing can stop him from giving you the things you deserve. 

Most people would say money is equal to greed. Money is evil. 

But the truth is, money is a tool to be used for one’s well being. 

All you have to do is accept these laws to achieve prosperity. 

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How Imagination makes prosperity happen 


the law of prosperity and imagination


So how does imagination help increase your prosperity? 

We all have the seed of genius inside of us. And I believe this seed connects us to the higher being, our Divine Source Energy. 

It helps us communicate through our intuition. And these flashes of inspiration are actually God’s revelations of what we could potentially become. 

Our imagination helps us create a strong desire in our hearts and minds. 

It gives us a sense of purpose, a clear image of what we can become. 

By imagining situations we want to be in, it raises our attention towards the right path. 

It helps us change perspectives to we could act on our desires. 

Imagination is beyond reason, just like the Divine Source Energy. And the combination of imagination, purpose, and action helps us reach new heights. 


Practical Tips for Visualization leading to Prosperity 


Visualization is a great way to practice the laws of prosperity and abundance. 

The benefits include increased internal motivation, activating your creative subconscious, and imagination. 

It also conditions your brain to recognize abundance and receive blessings as gifts from the Divine Source Energy. 

Here are some practical tips on how you can use imagination and visualization to increase your prosperity.


Vision Boards 


vision board


Vision boards are a great way for you to practice envisioning your wishes and desires. 

Creating one invokes deep emotions that can cause you to move. 

When you consistently see the vision board you create, it can push you to take action to make it happen. 

Vision boards also help you assign strong emotions to each image. Choosing the right visual representation for your goals increases your attachment to it. 

Every now and then, you can rebuild your vision board to reflect your current goals. 


Goal Setting 


Goal setting is a powerful activity that lets you bring your ideas into the world. 

Writing down your thoughts let you create a roadmap of all the things you need to do. 

It can give you access to questions and steps you need to take to make things happen. 

Writing also lets subconscious ideas surface. It can bring you the clarity you need and revelations you need to see about yourself. 




meditation and prosperity


Meditating can help you with a lot of things. 

From healing to raising vibrations, meditation can help you deal with emotional blocks. 

Clearing these blocks can also open you to new opportunities and possibilities. It also helps you practice visualizing and letting your imagination guide you. 

You can do guided meditations for specific goals like losing weight or increasing productivity. 

It can help your mind be more at ease and open to exploring the visions it shows you. 




The law of prosperity is simple. 

One, there is a higher being, a Divine Source that provides all things. 

Two, you are in control of the level of prosperity you can create in your life. 

All you have to do is tap into your intuition and let it guide you according to God’s plan. 

And when you get the inspiration and the vision, you need to act on it and make it happen. 

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How do you practice the law of prosperity? 

Share your tips below. 

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